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What are Triple Wide Manufactured Homes?

Updated on July 24, 2014

To be able to know exactly what triple wide manufactured homes are, it is of utmost importance that we understand what manufactured homes really are.

The phrase “manufactured homes” refers to fabricated housing which has already been primarily constructed in factories and thereafter moved to a site to be utilized. ‘Manufactured home’ is considered the most up-to-date tag for what used to be generally called “Mobile Homes”. Indeed, up until June 15th 1976, manufactured homes were popularly known as “mobile homes”.

Manufactured homes usually come in different forms; there are the single-wide, double-wide, as well as triple-wide options and are merged on the site. These kinds of houses are usually moved on their own wheels, so it’s little wonder they were once referred to as “Trailer Homes”. They are constructed on a non-removable steel chassis and mounted on a semi-permanent elevated foundation. In spite of the formal definition of manufactured homes, “mobile home” and “trailer” are still widely-used terms in the United States for this kind of housing.

Going by the above description of manufactured homes, we can basically say that triple wide manufactured homes are manufactured houses that come in triple-wide designs, which are considerably roomier and way more house-like in comparison to the concept of a single-wide (narrow) “trailer” that is in fact obsolete. Focusing on triple-wide manufactured homes, the conventional “site built” homes are not necessarily superior to the triple-wide manufactured homes, even though triple-wide manufactured homes are somewhat low-priced, as well as held to less strict standards when compared with site-built houses.

The obvious advantages of triple-wide manufactured homes are their mobility and affordability, in addition to the relative ease and expediency of their “set up” factors that enable purchasers to make home acquisitions without a critical financial or geographical commitment. And with today’s triple wide manufactured homes, you are not going to give up very much in the way of design, floor space, and amenities. A triple-wide manufactured home also provides you with the choice of relocating your home with relative ease away from the initial site, however many of the manufactured homes we have these days are developed to permanently stay in one place.

A video of a modern triple wide mobile home

Buying a triple wide manufactured home is most of the time significantly less expensive up-front, nevertheless there are downsides. It happens that a number of financial institutions are unwilling to grant you a home loan for a manufactured home unless of course it will be set up on a permanent foundation or you currently own the land it will be erected on (or you alternatively take a loan to acquire the land as well). An additional shortcoming of purchasing a tripled-wide manufactured home is the somewhat low resale value. Even though mindsets towards manufactured homes are improving, they are still likely not going to maintain as much equity as a standard home; they are likely to decline in value more like an automobile. On the other hand triple manufactured homes traded as part of a land package deal can at times hold equity very much like a standard home, depending on maintenance, landscape type and local real-estate conditions.

Triple-wide manufactured homes, formally referred to as mobile homes, adhere only to the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code; they are inspected, but do not have to be structurally validated by an inspector, they are constructed in sections at factories and never more than one story, they do not have a permanent or traditional foundation, and are likely to lose value over time because it’s difficult to expand or improve them. They are transported to the site on their own wheels and also hauled on steel chassis that are never removed, and usually placed on properties possessed by others, such as public land that is leased by the owner. Also, they are treated as a separate lending category from traditional on-site built homes and are rarely designed, but the purchaser can select from homes that have already been built and receive it in virtually no time at all.

Should you be considering buying a triple wide manufactured home, you need to check the community fees and rules involving your home, including construction requirements and restrictions. If you are going to be on your own property, you need to find out if local zoning laws permit manufactured homes on your site. You should also make sure you understand all the extra costs attributed to transporting and setting up a manufactured home on your site. Appropriate negotiation should be done properly and also ahead of time. Solid agreement should be on ground with regards to the cost of moving the home - is it going to be you or your home dealer, or even the person selling you a used home? Although a triple wide manufactured home is much easier to set up than a freshly constructed one, you will still need a foundation and underpinning in place, and utilities also have to be connected. As it is with any home purchase, an appropriate and comprehensive check is required to be made prior to buying a tripled-wide manufactured home, and this is particularly crucial if you happen to be acquiring a pre-owned manufactured home.

Acquiring a triple-wide manufactured home is a huge commitment and investment, and as such lots of adequate homework is considered necessary. Be sure to examine your offered choices, and follow up on any safety, construction, and finance question you might have. Always bear in mind that you are not just buying a manufactured home, you are actually acquiring your home.


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