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What are the best hardwood floors?

Updated on March 15, 2010

The question is rather vague, right? After all, opinions vary wildly as to what is the best flooring alternative. The answer is really in your lifestyle, how much foot traffic the floor will recieve, where it is in the house (is it in the kitchen or bedroom? Basement? Great Room?) And the truth is that the best hardwood floors are really what is “best” for you. This collection of articles should help you figure out what you should look for. They should also help you understand that the range of options and decisions that you have far exceed simply choosing a stain and finish. The bottom line is that you have a bevy of choices to look at…why not look at each and every one carefully. 

Choosing the Best Floors with so many different types of floor covering available. In this article, I go over the various pro’s and con’s in regards to several different types of flooring available. What if you rent vs. own your own home? How does tile measure up compared to hardwood floors? What about Laminate? These kinds of questions pop up and should be asked before you make the investment of installing any type of flooring. The right flooring for you may be hardwood floors but then again, they may be tile or laminate. Your decision will depend on locale, budget, and what you are expecting.

Best Flooring Options- How to Choose the Best Flooring for me. There are so many other things that come up when you are choosing flooring that have very little to do with the color of the floor. For instance, choosing the best hardwood floors for a family with kids may be different than for an older couple prepared to live out their golden years. In this article, I go over some of the other things you should consider when choosing what flooring would be best considering your lifestyle. In the end, the best flooring options will depend on your circumstances and what you expect.

What are the best options for Natural Flooring?- There are other flooring alternatives to consider when you are looking at hardwood floors. For instance, both bamboo and cork are not only considered “natural” but are also believed to be more environmentally friendly than hardwood or laminate. Make no bones about it, perception is key for most flooring companies and your have options for natural flooring as opposed to other more synthetic floor coverings.

Are Hardwood Floors Worth the Price? Considering the fact that you could buy laminate flooring at literally half the price (or better) of hardwood, and installation is lower too, it is no wonder that many people try to keep an open mind when choosing flooring. But considering the fact that hardwood is often 2-3 times the price of other flooring, are they worth the price?

How to Choose the Right Style and Type of Hardwood Floor That Fits Your Personality. This is part II to my best flooring options article. Don’t be suckered into believing that all hardwood is made the same. In reality, there are so many types that there is literally something for everyone who is looking. The key to making that wood purchase is to fit the hard wood to your personality.

Why go with Hardwood flooring? -This is a very general article to the benefits of hardwood flooring over choosing other types of flooring. I try to leave my bias at the door but I have to admit….it is hard.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options. -I was going to originally title this Are hardwood Floors good for the environment? The answer is a guarded yes. BUT, the key to finding hard wood companies that are compliant is to search for companies that agree to be regulated by the popular watchdog groups in this niche. In this article, I give a list of these watchdog groups as well as give some helpful tips for finding environmentally friendly hardwood distributors


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