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What are the features to look for while buying a hot water heater or kettle

Updated on November 11, 2013

What are the features to look for while buying a water heater.

Now a days it is important to have an electric water heater or an electric kettle in your kitchen. It is very fast and easy way to get hot water. If you want prepare some tea or coffee quickly, it is better to have one kettle in your kitchen. Now a days, automatic kettle is available. You may switch on the kettle and forget about it while doing other works as it has automatic cut off system to turn of the kettle when the temperature of the water started to boil. You may save a lot of electricity by using such kettles. For winter, it is very helpful.

We have a Kenwood hot water kettle. It is elegant and add up the beauty of your kitchen. It has an inbuilt automatic thermostat which prevent overheat. You can boil 5-10 cups of water in a minute or two. It is very fast and I love it. It's automatic cut off facility help me not to worry about over heating or loss of electricity.

In winter it does a good job. I love to drink hot water in the winter.

I bought one for my office too, for making instant coffee. It is fast and easy. It has an elegant body. The container is made up of steel. Due to which there is no smell/taste of plastic in the boiled water. Very rarely we find such kettles which looks attractive and function very well. It has a handle made up of plastic type substance (I don't know exactly what material is used). It helps safe and easy handing with boiled water. It has power indicator as well as water indicator with marking to know how many cups of water it has.

So while buying a kettle/water heater for yourself, please remember to look for the following tips.

1. Automatic cut off facility to save electricity and heat.
2. Handle for safe and easy handling while it has hot water in it.
3. Power indicator
4. Water indicator.
5. Make sure there is no funny taste in the boiled water.
6. Fast and easy.

I am tired of slow water heaters. It took more time and electricity. As we are living in a fast moving world, we need a fast kettle or water heater for our kitchen.

Gas water heaters

Gas water heater is the most economic and fastest way to heat water. Gas water heaters are ideal for home use. Compared to electrical water heaters, Gas Water heater is more economical and can save 60 per cent energy on water heating. You can also get hot water much faster than an electric water Heater.

Gas water heater uses advanced heat exchange technology to maximize heat efficiency and complete combustion. By regulating the water flow, it controls the temperature of the water. It comes with temperature control for different weather. It has stainless steel burners and coper heat exchanger and powder coated outer body. It is designed to work even at a very low water pressure. You can control temperature for both summer and winter.

Safety Features

Automatic gas regulation: The gas valve is turned on and off automatically with the flow of water. There is no need for you to regulate the gas flow. Another feature is that Gas flow and flame are switched on only when the tap is opened. Advanced electronic pulse ignition prevents wastage of gas. IC sensor to shutdown gas flow in case of flame failure. 20 minute timer shuts off gas if unit is left on accidentally..

Water Heater installation.

You need to install gas water heater outside the bath room. Open space is good. Otherwise you need to use a well ventilated place to install the Gas water heater. Avoid closed room and less ventilated rooms like bath room or kitchen. Not properly vented gas water heater can cause carbon monoxide poisoning in people living in the home. Carbon monoxide is a orderless and colorless gas that can make you suddenly ill leading to death. People who are sleeping can die without even detecting the symptoms. So selection of well ventilated area is must for installation of gas water heater.


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