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What color should you paint the trim on your tan or blonde brick ranch house?

Updated on April 30, 2012

Ranch Style Brick House

Ranch-style house in Durham, NC with Gray / Green trim.
Ranch-style house in Durham, NC with Gray / Green trim. | Source

Color Selection

I used to write a blog about renovating my 1951 ranch-style house. A reader asked me for my opinion on painting his blonde (or tan) brick house. I asked for a picture, and he obliged - and that post became the most popular one on my blog. Although my blog no longer exists, my passion and obsession for mid century homes still does. Here are some great resources for selecting a color for your brick ranch-style house.

Outdoor photos of ranch-style houses. This Flickr group hosts over 1,000 photos. A quick review of the photos shows popular colors for blonde or tan brick homes include white, black, brown, grey/green, dark red, coral and pink (why?), cream, and tan. My person preference is for green.

Sherwin Williams has an inspiring collection of historic color combinations. You can view them online, or stop by their store to pick up the brochures - the Suburban Modern and Arts & Crafts exterior collections were useful when picking colors for our house.

How to Paint Exterior Wood Trim

Ranch Houses


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    • profile image

      Kim 3 years ago

      Our buff/tan brick ranch house is trimmed in butter cream and our wooden peaks and under the eves are sunflower blue. Front door is a little darker blue. Our shingles are a darker blue as well. Love my french country home!!

    • Retro Librarian profile image

      Retro Librarian 5 years ago from Corvallis, OR

      The picture above is from It looks quite similar to the green we have on our house (which is not brick) - which is Clarksville Gray from Benjamin Moore. Look for a color that appears to be grey with just a hint of green - when applied to the trim the green will become more apparent. I'd suggest going one or two shades lighter or darker, for the shutters, depending on whether you want the shutters to "pop" (go lighter) of if you want them to recede (go darker).

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      So green color for the trim? What color for shutters? And what color is on this house currently, green?