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What is An Ideal House Should Be?

Updated on December 5, 2011


The purpose of this article or hub is for asking of what ideal house should be. I am a member of hubpages or in this website. I hope that you will enlighten me of what an ideal house should be. What is the difference between a house and a home. Does size matters in building a house? What are the factors for house to be an ideal house?

Who Am I?

You may be curious to who I am. Maybe you don't know that what you are reading right now is written by someone and in this case I am the one writing this. It may be possible that a robot will be writing this. I don't know if there are already robot who knows human task like using the internet and writing stuffs in the internet.

Reasons Why You Landed to This Article?

There are few reasons why you landed to this article. It maybe that this article is displayed on the top 10 results in the search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. As of now it is just an idea and opinion of what a good house is.

Now Back to Main Topic

Our main topic is about what is an ideal house. I had been living in a small house and there are a lots of neighbors because it was a subdivision. The total area of the lot of of the place that I live in was 90 square meters and to the left, right, and back are also houses that are connected. There are also houses that are of 150 square meters lot area but it cost more. There are some people who don't have house and there are also people who live in a place where they don't own the lot and people call them squatters. I have transferred to a new house in 2007 and my sister took it for 10 years mortgage. Now I am the one living it. The house that I currently stayed now has not yet been on blessing. Most Christians have their house on blessing.

My Thought on Ideal House

Somehow thinking of an ideal house is a dream. We may also call an ideal house a dream house. I am not happy with my current house as of now though I am living alone. By the way, I am a boy and still studying in college. Some of us may think of a big house but if you live in a third world country then there are lot of poor people. We may be starting a family or when we are still planning to get married then it is inevitable not to think of where to stay. Budget is important for building a house.

An ideal house should be a clean environment and I know you agree it too. Living in urban areas may not have a clean environment because of air pollution created by the cars. Noise pollution too is a problem too. I am not saying that you should not live in urban areas. I love condominiums too and most condominiums I think are created in urban areas. I love to own condominiums someday but I just don't have the money.

An ideal house should have a great neighborhood. Do you agree on this? Somehow our neighbor may not like us and if we had unsettled disputes then it might create a big problem in living in our house. Have you experienced disputes with your neighbor? Is disputes inevitable? Most disputes in the neighborhood arises from gossips and backstabbing. There are other reasons too and it is all related to relationship. Disputes should be settled. A God fearing neighborhood is good for all. As a good citizen we must be good and respect the boundaries of others. Don't let our anger control us and do outrageous things to others.

An ideal house should have a quality of a house. A house should have a roof, a door, a window, a toilet, a kitchen and etc. In case you are living in a boarding house then you consider it a second home. Most boarding house shared toilet and kitchen.

An ideal house should be a home. You may be leaving on your dream house but you should make it a home. A house that is filled with love I think is considered a home. If you are alone then living in a big house will be lonely I think. Unless you make a robot that will accompany you. A home with a great neighborhood is essential for a healthy life. As healthy life is concerns, home is an important factor because it is home that we rest at night after we work or after school or others. It is good to have a home of our own. Someday I will buy a house of my own and I will make it a home that is filled with love. I just hope so. Let us hope and be positive always.


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