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What is Cavity Wall Insulation and Its Benefits

Updated on October 30, 2015

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

There is a great likelihood that the walls of your home have two layers of separate walls and in between those two layers is a cavity. Cavity wall insulation is the installation that remedies the negative effects that wall cavities have. While a small gap of air might not seem like a problem, this cavity in the walls has an effect on the internal temperature of your house.

Insulating materials are used to fill the cavities in residential homes and the most common materials used include foam, polystyrene beads, and mineral wool. These materials are used to fill up the gap in between walls and help in trapping the heat which may otherwise be escaping from the interior of the home. The aim of cavity wall insulation is to trap more heat inside the home and slow down the rate of heat loss inside your space.

How Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

The space in between the walls of your home isn’t all that wide, but it is enough to make a difference on how much work your heater has to do and how well your home can remain warm especially during the winter months. Some buildings are already built with insulating materials such as rock wool or glass fibre, but for those who weren’t built with pre-insulated cavities, the solution is to go for cavity wall insulation.

Fibrous materials such as glass wool or cellulose insulation are blown into the walls’ in between cavity. No walls have to be taken down since the procedure can be completed simply by filling up the cavity through drilled holes, and the process is relatively simple. It can take less than two hours depending on the walls which have to be insulated, and to help ensure the quality of work done on the walls, it is a must to entrust the work only to a registered installer. The installer will be responsible for checking your property and determining whether it is a suitable place for cavity wall insulation

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

  • Better insulation – When your home has cavity wall insulation, you can prevent convection and you can keep more of the heat inside your home. The filled up cavity will trap the warm air instead of just letting it pass through, and it also helps prevent cold drafts from the outside to get inside.
  • Cut costs on heating expenses – Because of the more efficient thermal insulation that cavity wall insulation brings, you can reduce your heating expense. With insulated walls, you can help avoid losing as much as 35% of the heat which is usually lost due to empty cavities.
  • Can increase the value of your home – Professionally installed cavity wall insulation can be considered as a prime investment which can help increase the value of your home. You will even have an Energy Performance Certificate you can present after a professional installer completes the job for you.

While the initial cost of spending on cavity wall insulation might seem like a big amount, the savings you can make when you have insulated walls will last for years and can make a big and positive difference.

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