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Community Gardening

Updated on August 21, 2016

Community Gardening

All these vegetables came from this Community garden.
All these vegetables came from this Community garden. | Source

More Gardening Tips and Outdoor Fun

If you live in an apartment with a balcony, than planting a Topsy Turvy with tomatoes and a variety of peppers, in the spring,will provide fresh vegetables, and a lot of gardening fun without losing a ton of space on your balcony. Also if you have a window that gives you seven hours of daylight , you can grow your Topsy Turvy indoors and receive lots of tomatoes for your effort.

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard garden than learn the advantages of growing Kale, Beets, or Chard instead of Spinach.

More DIY easy projects to save you money in your home.

My City

My small city of thirty thousand people is having the same problems as many towns and cities all over North America. The auto industry and other factories that generate wages for three to six hundred people each are moving south to Mexico taking with them a higher quality of lifestyle that we became accustom to.

Therefore, our options now are to work for minimum wages after our severance pay and unemployment insurance runs dry. We can go back to school to get retrained in the medical field, which is doing well, since the last of the baby boomers is in their fifties.

Alternatively, we can bring back the barter system and trade our goods and services to each other instead of trading our time for money in factories. We can help our friends and neighbors. The old saying goes; if I do not spend it, I do not have to make so much. In other words, learn to live off what you make. This means unfortunately going without.

Vegetables Harvested From Community Gardens

It was laborday long weekend and the nutrition teacher said to take everything left in the garden because he was going to rototill the garden before winter came.
It was laborday long weekend and the nutrition teacher said to take everything left in the garden because he was going to rototill the garden before winter came. | Source
vegetable sauces or veg stew made with harvested vegetables
vegetable sauces or veg stew made with harvested vegetables | Source

Community Gardens

Although we might have to park our cars, we do not have to go without good nutritional food. Community Gardens are popping up everywhere in my city. The Nutritional teacher at one of the high schools, out of his own pocket money, started a Community Garden on school property.

The students and the community can weed and hoe, a vegetable garden that also has two apples, and two pear trees on each of the corners of it. This garden also features a garlic patch and an asparagus patch to the right of it.

The garden itself is rich with tomatoes, cucumbers, spices, and numerous kinds of squash, root vegetables, and eggplant, along with every color of peppers in the rainbow. In September, when the school year is starting , Mr.Wilson, with the help of the students, will prepare and cook to feed his classes with the vegetables from this garden. In doing this students learn what to do with the vegetables and how the vegetables will improve their health.

This kind of garden is showing up in many other spots around the city. We had mystery gardeners (who at midnight) went and dug up the grass in the a few boulevards (that run in front of the sidewalks) and planted vegetables and spices for anyone to pick and enjoy.

Their logic, plant something you can eat. These gardens are also in empty lots, in patches near low-income housing, plus numerous other yards where people are kind enough to share their vegetables.

Stratford is famous for flower gardens and is voted one of the top seven prettiest cities 2010. There are flowers everywhere in the downtown core. There is a one-day garden tour for people to board the train and stop in ten destinations though out Southern Ontario to view flowers and Stratford is one of the stops.

Community gardens are catching on in bigger cities. With less empty lots near their downtown cores, they are planting community gardens on rooftops and donating the vegetables to soup kitchens that feed less fortunate people on the streets.

We can all help even if you live in an apartment, you can find one of these gardens and get your hands dirty. It is great therapy to play in the dirt. Taking home vegetables from trading your time for some exercise hoeing is well worth it. It could even improve your health.


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