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What is End of Lease Cleaning All About?

Updated on March 24, 2012

You may be thinking of two options when it comes time to cleaning before you move out of your old place and into your new one. Well, in this article we'll discuss your options and find out what’s right for you.

So what is end of lease cleaning? End of lease cleaning is cleaning at the end of your lease or even at the start of a new one. Remember, some tenants leave properties in sub-standard condition and some real estate companies don't have a high standard or are just plain lazy

Some countries call it bond cleaning, move out cleaning, exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning. The main aim for an end of lease cleaner is to get the customers bond back in full and not to have any complaints from the real estate company.

There is quite a lot involved actually. You have to clean the oven really well for starters as this is a requirement that the real estate will ask of you in your outgoing exit/condition report. So having a professional company take care of this makes complete sense.

The bathroom needs to be professionally cleaned as well. Now this means in detail not just a quick wipe down. The reason I'm mentioning these two items first is the kitchen and bathroom generally takes the longest to do. Keep in mind someone else needs to live there and move into the property so it will need it to be super clean and hygienic for when they move in otherwise they will complain and you'll find yourself back at the property (cleaning) in no time.

Another point to remember is that the landlord will come and do an inspection and check the overall condition of the property. Now most people think that this means that the landlord will be on the look-out for any damage to the property, but no, they will check the cleanliness of the property just as much as they will be looking for any damage. So either do a good job or call in the professionals.

There are a lot of good cleaning companies in Melbourne to pick from so we suggest having a look for good reviews online before you part with your money. Sometimes the agent will require you to clean outside the property (lawns and gardens) as well.

If you don’t have any equipment you'll need to contact a good gardener of cleaning service as they can generally organise this. The point is, end of lease cleaning can be tough so if your going to do it yourself, make sure you allow 1-2 days or call a professional cleaning company.


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    • Vincent de Jong profile image

      Vincent de Jong 5 years ago

      Great advice and hub. I've had many experiences with bad agents and know all about end of lease cleaning problems. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Cleaning 5 years ago

      great blog......i have find similar contents from this following site