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What is Wrong with Clutter?

Updated on February 11, 2013

I will tell you to get rid of your clutter, but this article is about what is wrong with clutter. Why is clutter such a bad thing, that we should get rid of it? Why should we get organized now and not live in the mess we are used to living in?

Clutter is unhealthy

Stuff collects dust, too much stuff can’t be cleaned and then our homes become an unhealthy environment that we are living in. Dust causes asthma and allergies.

Life is simpler with less stuff

People are trapped by their stuff, they can’t go out because they have to deal with it, or they have to go out because they can’t face it. Life is definitely simpler with less stuff..


You just can’t invite anyone over, your children can’t invite their friends over because you are too embarrassed to have people in the house. You think you are the only one with a messy house because your friends with messy homes won’t invite you over either. You can’t ever invite someone over because of the work that needs to be done before they can come over. You feel sad because your children have to have all their play dates in someone else’s house.

Can’t find things

With so much stuff, what you do have you can’t find. So what do you do? You buy extra to add to the stuff that you have. All that does is add to the problem by increasing the clutter in your house.

Can’t relax

When you see stuff all around you, you see jobs and then you can’t relax because there is so much that you know you should be doing, but frequently you are unable to start dealing with it, so you don’t. You just look at it and wonder what to do and it stops you from relaxing. This is turn stops you from sleeping and zaps your energy. So, too much clutter can lead to not enough energy to deal with the clutter and so a downward cycle begins.

Affecting Your Marriage

Yes clutter can affect your marriage as it causes tension between spouses. One spouse (usually the husband) sees it as the other spouse’s job (usually the wife) to keep the house clutter free and when they fail that can add tension to the marriage.

You must deal with clutter

You can’t tidy or rearrange clutter, it must leave the house. Only then will you live healthier, happier lives with more time and less stress.

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    • TinasTreasures profile image

      TinasTreasures 4 years ago from California

      Athena, I heard something a long time ago (not sure where) that has stuck with me. "If your husband's clothes on the bedroom floor are bothering you, then it's your problem and not his."

    • profile image

      Athena 4 years ago

      Clutter doesn't bother me, it bothers people who think I am messy. They go, "Oh my God, you're so messy!!!" I say they should take a chill pill and not freak out so much. It's only a problem if you make it a problem or if you're uptight. *shrug*