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What is a Mountain Maple Tree?

Updated on January 7, 2013

The mountain maple is a miniature, bush tree, which can reach peaks of twenty feet. The stalk of the tree is fairly short and is seldom more than six inches in diameter. The branches are small and with the way they are standing it makes the tree look like it has a rounded crown, but mainly looks like a dense straggly bush. The bark is red-brown and it is very thin, but it is also very smooth; however, the twigs are also having reddish tinged.

The leaves on the mountain maple tree are roughly four to five inches long and three to four inches wide and they typically have about three lobes. The leaves are typically a dark green color, but they are also known to have whitish fuzz growing beneath the leaves.

During May and June the mountain maple tree will start to produce flowers that bear a resemblance to small Photo of Mountain Maple leaves and bark. The flowers are usually a yellow-green color and they will be aligned along the stalk of the tree.

The mountain maple trees can be found throughout south eastern Canada and north eastern United States; however, they are commonly found in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, portions of Iowa.


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