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What is the Best Paint Drying Rack for Cabinet Doors?

Updated on February 10, 2018
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Matt is a professional painter sharing house-painting tips, related product reviews, and his experience in the trade.

The Door Rack Painter (Drying Rack).
The Door Rack Painter (Drying Rack). | Source

Why Use A Cabinet Door Drying Rack?

The way most people store freshly painted cabinet doors is by placing them on boards and buckets, but the biggest disadvantage with this method is having to wait for the final coat of paint to dry overnight on one side before you can turn them over to paint the other side. This might work for a homeowner painting their own cabinets one time, but when you're painting cabinets year round like me, a professional drying rack is a must.

With the right cabinet door painting rack, both sides of the doors can be painted two coats on the same day, saving two to three days of work. A drying rack also saves a ton of space by allowing the doors to be stacked in one area instead of spread out all over the floor.

The Door Rack Painter (Drying Rack)

I've been using the Door Rack Painter exclusively for all of my cabinet painting jobs for close to one year, as of this writing, and it's awesome. I started with only one rack, and then purchased another to accommodate doors of two different sizes.

I researched various drying racks, but this is the only one I could find with rack bars that allow both sides of doors to be painted and stored on the same day. My previous method was to lay them on boards to dry, but that ate up two extra days of priming and painting, having to wait overnight for one side to dry, and it was a nightmare working in small rooms.

The rack bars are bent on a downward angle so when a wet door is placed on top, the bar makes minimal contact with the corner edge of the door. The bars leave very tiny marks in the paint that go away after applying the final coat of paint. Assembly is very easy, only requiring a wrench, and it took me less than twenty minutes.


The Erecta-Rack was the first drying rack I considering buying. This drying rack can be used for storing painted cabinet doors, regular doors and base board trim. The rack is completely portable, and comes with an optional wheeled base for mobility.

The cross bars are made of galvanized steel, and definitely durable for storing heavier, full size doors. But the main reason I didn't end up buying this rack is because cabinet doors with wet paint cannot be placed directly on the cross bars, due to the flat design.

I do think the Erecta-Rack would be useful for a painter in a shop setting spraying base board trim frequently, where only one side would be painted anyway, but for cabinet painting, this product won't reduce work time.

Hang Drying Vs Drying Rack

A cheap alternative to spending money on a drying rack is to build one yourself, or hang dry the doors, using hooks and swiveling clothes hangers. Using this method, pilot holes need to be drilled into the bottom and top edges of the doors, and then a hook is inserted into the hole so the door can be hung. The doors can be hung from a clothes hanger attached to a metal rod, or PVC pipe, fastened to the top of two step ladders.

I considered trying this method once, but there are a few reasons why I prefer storing cabinet doors on a rack. The main reason is to eliminate paint and primer runs, and hanging them would increase the chance. I use Pro Classic acrylic paint for cabinets, which runs very easily. I also don't like the idea of drilling holes in cabinet doors.

Hanging the doors would also require spraying them that way too, which means over-spray is being blown upwards instead of downward. More masking might be needed to prevent over-spray from going onto the ceiling, light fixtures or windows.


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