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What is your house cleaning schedule? How I keep a clean house without spending every spare moment

Updated on May 8, 2012
Where did that mess come from?
Where did that mess come from? | Source
Toy Chest that is the best!
Toy Chest that is the best! | Source
sports bucket!
sports bucket! | Source

Is your house clean?

Mine usually isn't and I am not afraid to admit it. I can fool my husband into thinking it is cleaner than it is. A friend asked me today when I clean my house.

Umm it used to be only when I had to. I worked full time, had two kids, a dog, and a husband. The house was a mess both with clutter and dirt. Fast forward a house, a few years, and more clutter.

Now as a stay home mom, the house is a bit smaller with bigger clutter. I clean the house as much as I can and deep clean areas when i have a chance but there is a small key to keeping the house clean when it needs to be.

So many methods out there

I have tried the fly lady method and other daily schedule methods for brief segment of time to make a cleaner house. I am not a cleaner and it takes a lot of effort for me to get into cleaning a house.

I have mastered the laundry in the house and now it is time to master a cleaner, less clutter house.

The first step was to get rid of clutter - as the clutter left the house it became cleaner. I took buckets to the resale shop, goodwill, and to friends who could use the things we didn't have room for. I sorted through toys in my kids rooms and organized them into buckets and bins.

The Toys!

The toys were overtaking my house and I decided to take back the house. No toys live in the living room. Almost sounds like an oxymoron. The toys live in the kids room and can come out and play but must go to bed with the kids at night. I have taken back a space in the house!

It is not my job to clean up these toys but my boys job. Less work for me and I am teaching some great responsibility to the kids.

The kids each have a 9 cube storage unit and cloth buckets from Target in their rooms. Each bucket holds a specific type of toy. This is so much better than a typical toy chest.

When to Clean? The Secret

I clean the house two days a week. Mondays and Fridays. I clean the house Fridays because then it is clean for the weekend and allows the whole family to enjoy the house. I also clean the house after the weekend in order to pick up the chaos of the weekend. During the middle of the week I do dishes, laundry, quick pick ups, and various other things that need to be done. Mondays and Fridays are set aside for deep cleanings and entire house clean up. I have found it takes less time than I expect it to clean the house and do at least one deep clean area.

The weekdays are so hectic that in the evenings between sports, dinner, and other activities there is little time to notice the messy house. So by keeping it clean on Friday and then picking up after the hectic weekend we have a clean house when it matters and a relatively clean house the rest of the week.


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    • kthix10 profile image

      kthix10 5 years ago from IL

      It continues to be an ongoing battle with all the deep cleaning projects but my husband seems to think the house is clean all the time - it amuses me a little he doesn't notice the middle of the week mess

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada

      That's a good idea to clean Mondays and Fridays. This is an ongoing battle for me. Thanks for sharing!