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What kind of Mouse Trap is the Best?

Updated on January 3, 2013

The key to eliminating mice from your home or workplace is to act quickly and effectively. There is not one mouse trap that is the "silver bullet" of mouse control, so the right method of mouse control depends on your circumstances.

The right mouse trap depends on where you are seeing the mice or evidence of mice, how many mice you are seeing, what type of area you are trying to control, the presence of children and pets, and other factors.

Easy Set Snap Traps

Snap traps are generally the best way to eliminate mice from your home or work. When properly placed and baited they are very effective. In my experience the best snap trap is the Jawz trap by JT Eaton. These traps are far superior to the old fashioned wood and medal traps and they are not much more expensive. They are better for a few reasons; first, they are much easier to set than the old fashioned traps. Second, the trigger pan on the Jawz trap is much larger with the bait set below the trigger pan so that even the smallest mouse will trigger the pan when going for the bait. On many other traps smaller mice can often eat the bait without triggering the pan. There are other traps that are similar to the Jawz trap that will work just as effectively, just look to see if the bait is placed below the trigger pan and test how sensitive the trigger pan is.

There are a couple of things to remember when using snap traps to eliminate mice from your home:

1. Place Place Snap Traps Against Walls

When you place the traps against walls where mice like to run the mouse can simply run across the trap even when they are not interested in eating from it. This makes your traps more effective because it works as a lure and as a snare.

2. Bait Snap Traps With Fresh Peanut Butter

There are many things you can use to bait a mouse trap but peanut butter is one the most effective and it is a common household product. Peanut butter has a strong scent that mice cannot resist, but over time the peanut butter will lose its potency so it must be replaced on a regular basis. Fresh peanut butter is a must when baiting the traps.

3. Which Snap Trap is the Best?

I prefer to use any of the three traps to the right. These are better than the old fashioned snap traps because they are very easy to bait and set. They are also better because the trigger pan is larger and catch the smallest mice unlike the old fashioned traps where a small mouse can eat the bait without triggering the trap.

Live and MutliCatch Traps

These traps are less effective than snap traps but are even easier to set and can catch multiple mice. If you are looking for a human trap this is the way to go. You must check them daily, otherwise mice may die a slow and painful death.

These traps are useful in areas where there are a large number of mice such as a garage , outside your home, or in a shed or barn.

They are most effective if placed where mice frequent such as against walls where mice run. I would recommend that these traps be placed outside your home or building and be used to prevent the build up of a mouse population around your home.

They are also very safe for pets and children.

Sticky Traps

Glue boards can be very effective, safe, and humane if used properly. These traps are pre-scented as well to add an additional attractant. The key to glue traps is to actually fold them up and place them against walls and objects where mice like to run. The common mistake with glue boards is to simply place them flat all over the place. Mice like to run along walls and through things. If the sticky traps are folded up and placed against the walls mice cannot resist running through them.

Sticky traps can be humane if you check them frequently then have the willingness to release the mouse by using vegetable oil to free the mouse, otherwise the mice die a slow a painful death.

Old Fashion Snap Traps

These traps are very cheap but can be hard to set and are not as effective as the newer easy set mouse traps.


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