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What kind of Persimmon tree should you Buy?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Varieties of Persimmon Trees

You are most likely ready to buy a Persimmon Tree. But you may not know exactly what kind you should get. There are so many different varieties of persimmons it is almost unbelievable. First you must decide if you want your persimmons to be astringent or non astringent.

Then you will have to know what growing zone you live in. Some places you will be able to grow persimmons no problem, while other places you may only pick certain varieties and still then you must be diligent.

Third is mainly an issue of aesthetics. The size and shape of the fruits that the tree produces. This may or may not matter to you. But it must be addressed for those that care about it.

I will list the qualities of a few varieties of persimmons such as Fuyu, Hachiya, Saijo, American, and Maru. And you can decide for yourself which one's are the best for you.

Persimmon Tree with a bounty of Fuyu's. Mmm Good!!!
Persimmon Tree with a bounty of Fuyu's. Mmm Good!!! | Source
Fuyu Persimmons
Fuyu Persimmons | Source

Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Fuyu persimmons are native to China and Japan. These persimmons are different from other persimmons not only in size but in texture when ripe.

Fuyus are reddish-orange in hue, and non-astringent meaning you can bite into them right off the tree once they are ripe. But if you do have patience you can wait a little longer if you want the desired squishy soft consistency.

Most other persimmons are astringent when ripe meaning that they are dry and rough when you bite into them. So you must wait a week or two for them to become soft and juicy. But trust me when I say they are well worth the wait.

Fuyus are to be grown in zones 7-10 and they usually ripen around November.

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Hachiya Persimmon
Hachiya Persimmon


The Hachiya Persimmon is a native fruit of Japan. They are shaped like an acorn but have the same color as Fuyus. Hachiyas are astringent when they are ripe off the tree. Meaning that they have a bitter taste and a rough texture that will leave you mouth dry.

You will have to let them stay at room temperature for about a week or two, until they have a soft texture when you press the skin slightly.

Trust me it is well worth the wait once they obtain that soft texture. The inside is very sweet and moist once you bite into it.You can also cook them if you prefer.

What makes the Hachiya Persimmon Tree a very good buy is the fact the it is self fertile. But if you want an abundance of fruit it's always good to have two more fruit trees.

They are Hardy from zone 7 and higher and need 100 to 200 chill hours so they are more suitable for areas with a mild winter. They become Ripe at November.

Saijo Persimmon Tree
Saijo Persimmon Tree | Source


Saijo's are native of Japan. The name Saijo is said to mean "Mr Elegant" and "The very best one".

Most people love them for it's sweet taste. in fact out of all the persimmons these are the sweetest.

And I can attest to this fact Saijo's are the sweetest that I ever had. The fruit has little to no seeds and smooth skin.

It is an astringent fruit so you will have to wait until it becomes soft to eat it. Unless you want to cook it which you can do as well.

These Self Pollinating trees are hardy from Zone 6 and Higher. They can survive winters as long as they are not too harsh.

Maru Persimmon

Buy Persimmon Tree
Buy Persimmon Tree | Source


The Maru Persimmon is an interesting tree to buy. Also known as the Chocolate Persimmons they have an orange red skin, while the flesh is dark brown. A lot like cinnamon.

The shape Maru are medium sized, squat, and round a lot like Fuyus.

Very much like the Fuyu they are are non astringent and firm when ripe. Meaning the can be eaten like an apple straight of the tree. Though in my opinion I prefer them soft. But unlike most Fuyu's they have seeds in inside.

Maru Persimmons grow in Zones 6 and Higher. Though it is recommend more so for areas with mild winters. Need 100 to 200 chilling hours, and they ripen around October and November.

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American Persimmon Tree

Last but not least is the American Persimmon Tree. I feel this variety is very important to mention when it comes to Persimmons.

In fact the name Persimmon was originated from the Algonquin word "pessemmin".

American Persimmons are native to Eastern and Southern American states. They grow from as far north as New York, going along the south to Florida, and and reaching as far west to Oklahoma and Texas.

The trees can grow as tall as 80 feet, though they are usually 30 to 50 feet. The fruits are very small measuring at 1 to 2 inches.

American Persimmons are hardy from zones 5 and higher. Which makes them a great buy for for a few of the northern states. This is a tree in which you will need to buy a male and a female for them to produce fruits.


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    • profile image

      Sergey 3 years ago

      Thank you a lot for this ifo

    • CenterAll72 profile image

      CenterAll72 5 years ago from New York

      Thank you very much : ) I didn't expect the article to affect you and your husband emotionally. It really makes me happy to hear a story like yours. Your comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

    • mvillecat profile image

      Catherine Dean 5 years ago from Milledgeville, Georgia

      I have been thinking about purchasing a Persimmon tree this year. My husband has found memories of his grandmother's tree and I can make homemade jam from it. Thanks for the article and I voted up.