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What the frick is wrong with people????????

Updated on November 9, 2011

Are people this stupid, or am I oversensitive?

One of my pet peeves is rude, pushy or obnoxious people. The other day I had my limit of these folks and figured I would fire back at a few. Here's my story and I'd like you to read it and comment on whether I over-reacted or not.

So, I go to the Big Box hardware store ( you know, the one with the orange color) and I am looking for a replacement rotisserie for my grill. I am talking with a customer service person in the aisle, he is showing me the different types and sizes of rotisseries. In mid sentence as i am asking if they carry only a motor, because that's all I need, some old fart comes up and just starts talking to him right over me. I was like WTH???? So I said "EXCUSE ME!!!, But he is helping me right now". This old geezer looks right at me and says "I got one quick question and..." I did interrupt him with a loud "DON'T CARE, he's helping me, wait your turn". Old guy starts to say something to the effect of "I fought in the war, if it weren't for me, you might not have ever been born". To which I replied, "If it weren't for the advances my generation made in medicine, you'd probably be dead". With that he kinda did a Ralph Kramden (Hummanahummanahummana) and he walked away. The poor guy from the store just stood there with his head down, looking at his feet (and I'm guessing praying for his break).

Then later in the day I had to stop at the local convenience store. A woman walked right in front of me on her cell phone and let the door go as I was approaching. OK, just a dummy I thought. Then as I got in line, she got behind me (at least she was off the phone) and we waited. The lady in front of me paid, and as she was putting away her change moved her items to the right and out of the way and apologized for being in the way. To which I replied "No problem". I put my items on the counter, and this TWIT behind me reaches over and moves them!!! I turned and yelled right in her face "DO NOT TOUCH MY ITEMS". She looks at me and quips back, "They are in my way" and pushed them again. So, me being a smart-ass, I moved to the left in front of her so she could not put her stuff on the counter, and took my sweet time finding my wallet, counting out bills, waiting for change, putting said change in my wallet, and asking for a bag for my 2 sodas and chips. After that was done I turned to her and said very loudly, "NEVER TOUCH MY STUFF, HAVE A NIC F%*(ING DAY" and left.

I usually take everything with a grain of salt, laugh and move on. Thanks to Ed Foreman and the several speaking engagements of his that I attended that is uauslly easy to do. But for some reason, that day, I had had enough.

Did I over-react, or would you have done something similar?


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    • profile image

      Dawn 5 years ago

      You are now my husbands new idol!!

    • Just About It profile image

      Just About It 6 years ago from southern CA

      Interesting hub. Did you feel better after your outburst? I usually stay calm, give an insult while smiling, and hope that smile might lead to an apology but... it never works.

    • Mizsnow profile image

      Mizsnow 6 years ago

      I think more people need to be as bold as you were. We have become way to obliging to rudeness.

    • tpetzold profile image

      tpetzold 6 years ago from USA

      Laurie, I always wait. Something my parents taught me was to always wait your turn.

    • profile image

      Laurie C 6 years ago

      So tell me...I am truly curious...if you have a quick question, can you take advantage of a pause in the interraction between salesperson and consumer....if it's just a quick... "can you point me in the direction of the paint"? But if it looks like I can't get a quick answer I always say "I'm sorry , I'll wait til your done with this person." I just want to know if I'm being rude and didn't even realize it.

      And I totally agree...people should be taken to task for their rude doubt about it!

    • profile image

      Megan 6 years ago

      I think that is great!

    • profile image

      Suzanne 6 years ago

      I find that rude people are able to get away with this behavior because we allow it. I put rude people in their place. I once had a russian student come up in the line and push me out of the way. Certainly told her she was in my space and to get in line behind everyone else. I have never had an old person disrespect me though. I personally think that we need to stand up to these people.

    • profile image

      Laurie C 6 years ago was very bold!

      I loved the line that if our generation hadn't made advances in medicine you'd probably be dead...I'm just jealous that I'm not that quick (or clever). My only hesitation on that one is...I've sometimes interrupted a sales person. (Quite often they are so hard to find, especially in those big orange box stores) I never thought it was especially rude as long as it only took a few seconds for the salesperson to answer. On the other hand, I often find that seniors are very quick to cut in front of you and very slow to get out of the way!

      As for the woman in the store...she couldn't have been more rude and totally deserved the rude treatment...she was over the top...and you were completely justified!

      And let's face it, some days we lose patience with stupid inconsiderate people.

    • profile image

      vincent b 6 years ago

      good for you i'm sick of rude pushy people myself

    • profile image

      Martita 6 years ago

      I think you did AWESOME!!!!!