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What to Consider Before Re-Roofing Your Home: 5 Helpful Tips

Updated on September 17, 2016
House re-roofing.
House re-roofing.


Roofs can last up to 15 to 50 years, depending on the material used and the maintenance done by you as the homeowner. But of course, natural calamities like storm, flood, and earthquake can also affect their durability in the long run.

If ever you need to replace them for whatever reason (including aesthetic improvement), there are important things you must consider before contacting your trusted local roofing contractor and giving the go-signal.

These can help secure your family and valuable possessions while the work is going on as well as avoid any accidents causing delays, hassles, and possible additional expenses.

Find another place to stay temporarily.

When setting up the re-roofing project plan, don’t ever forget to include the time you need to find an apartment, flat or condominium to stay temporarily as well as the relocation period. You must find a comfortable and safe place for them, especially if you have kids. The area must be not be that far from your house and is accessible to your everyday go-tos.

You are encouraged to stay in another residence temporarily until the whole roof replacement process is completed in order to avoid construction noises. Removing the old roofs and installing the new ones can be very noise due to constant hammering and all.

If you have an infant at home, his or her sleeping clock will be disturbed by the noises. If a family member is also working from home, he or she can’t concentrate. You might also have super active and curious kids who love exploring new areas including the re-roofing site; it can be very dangerous to them.

Remove or cover housing valuables.

Your old roofing will be removed so debris, dusts, and other particles will fall down to your house interior and might affect the outside portion as well. The best way to avoid any damages to your personal possessions is to remove them from your house, put them inside sturdy containers, or cover them with thick mattresses.

If the thing is of high value due to its price, heritage, or authenticity, better to keep them in your temporary residence together with your family. So you can be sure they are safe. This includes expensive paintings, chandeliers, furniture, appliances, and others. You’d also want to consider removing fragile items like ceramic plates and containers, mirrors, window glasses, light bulbs, etcetera. Your cars and other means of transport should also be moved to another parking space.

For all other items that you can do without or are durable enough to withstand the shakings and rattles of the replacement and installation, you can cover them with thick fabric and leave them there while the work is ongoing.

Turn off the power source.

Although the contractor insures their roofers, it is always great to observe safety measures. Before the work starts, have your main electric source turned off. If ever your electrical system is a bit complicated, then call your electrician to do this.

Secure all cable lines.

Your telephone, internet and electrical lines can be affected, so you better secure all of them too. Contact your local providers to request for a transfer or precautionary measures. You don’t want to lose or waste electricity as well as internet and telephone connection.

Put CCTVs and other monitoring devices.

If you don’t have enough time to visit your roofers while the work is ongoing, it is best to install CCTVs and just monitor them though these devices. You’d also want to put one if you’ve left some valuables in your house. This way, you have a recording of everything that’s happening from the start of the re-roofing project until its completion.


With these points in mind, you will hopefully have a safe and smooth house re-roofing. And of course, you are now ready to get in touch with your trusted local roofer like the roofing contractors in Michigan. Good luck!


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