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What to do next after buying land

Updated on July 8, 2013
our new tractor
our new tractor | Source
our turn around driveway for the camping trailer
our turn around driveway for the camping trailer | Source
camping trailer finally home
camping trailer finally home | Source


After you buy your land, you then need to start thinking about how you're gonna go about doing everything you need to do to live on it.

We decided after much consideration and a bulldozer that needs a lot of work before it's ready to use and move, that a tractor was our next purchase. Going into debt so soon after not being in debt for a couple of years was the only thing stopping us from getting one. We checked the Craigs List ads and others before looking at dealerships. We found a tractor that we could afford at a dealership so we bought it and although it was not the one with the horsepower we wanted, we bought the same one his brother's had. He too bought property next to us. Buying the same tractor as his brother has advantages and disadvantages. This way we did not have to buy all the implements we would require in the days to come. We could borrow from each other.

Moving the tractor to the property in Springdale Washington was a bit troublesome. The dealers could not do it and we did not have enough money to buy a trailer big enough or one that was rated for the weight to move a tractor. We had people scouting for us and found a place in Marysville that would rent us one for sixty five dollars a day. We went with that and finally got the traier over to the property using up three days. It's about a six to seven hour trip from Bellingham to Springdale. After unloading the tractor off the borrowed trailer, there was just enought time to rough in a turn around road so that the following weekend we could finally move our camping trailer onto the property creating a more permanent home for us to sleep in. Before the tractor and camper were moved, we had only a tent to sleep in. The potty, of course, was a hole in the ground which we use on short trips especially since we still have no water in the trailer.

We still need to dig a well, septic tank, move the power from the edge of the lot , build a house, sheds and outbuildings but whose counting. One thing at a time.

We can only afford to go to the property twice a month so we need to make good use of our time. The camper gets moved onto the property during memorial day weekend. We, of course , make it a camping trip taking the boys and one of their friends with us with the intent of using all three of them to help dad clear a few trees out and build the fire pit. The fire pit was a slight after thought to keep them busy but of course with everyone being male except me there had to be a fire at our place. Ron's brother already had his pit dug. It was one of the first things he did and he had had more time to work at his place. He bought a tractor right after he bought his property. He also has a well dug but might have to do another one.

Before we moved the camping trailer from storage to the property we had to clean the outside by hand. It had been sitting outside in a storage lot for a couple years. With no water source at the storage place we had to bring our own water clean the trailer by hand using ladders, sponges and towels to get all the green slime off. We also went through the food which had not been gone through in three to five years. Needless to say, all food stores were thrown out. Food storage had to be replaced. During the three day weekend in which we had the camper on the property. I put the food away that I had bought and did a full inventory of the food both perishable and long storage. I also did an inventory of everything else in the trailer including dishware and bathroom supples while the boys did the man jobs.

Overall, we had a good time even if we did work during two of the days we were there.


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