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Tips on Renting your first apartment or house

Updated on April 4, 2015

What to Do before you Move

Everyone is very anxious and impatient about moving into their first apartment, but there are some steps that you should take to ensure that your first apartment experience will be a happy and lasting one.

1.Look for Apartment to rent, Close to work

2.Look to see if it is affordable

A.If it doesn't include utilities find out

how much the utilities are and add that to your rent total.

B. Take all of your bills and expenses and add that with your

Rent/utilities amount and deduct from your monthly pay.

3.If you follow the steps above and have been successful

next step is to look at the apartment and meet your future landlord.

(photos sent might be different than reality)

4.When you meet with future landlord establish amount to move in,

security deposit/ first months rent,References are usually asked from previous landlords..Some landlords will require people who are renting for the first time to get a co-signer someone who will agree to pay the rent if you do not.Also a Credit and Background check is usually done before moving in. how long of a lease-term-6mo-1yr typically should also be determined.

determine date to move in. (side note when renting in mobile home park or Condo

check with the land-owners to make sure that is in accordance with rules to rent.

5.Sign a lease and read through the lease to make sure that there isn't anything there that you are unsure of what it means if you are ask landlord to clarify.

6. After signing lease you are ready to move into your new apartment.

7.TIme to call U-haul. Call the light department have them put the lights in your name I would call them 2 days before you move, with Telephone or Cable usually takes longer. Also set up your heating oil delivery company in advance, if not provided with rent.

Tips to remember

1. Your landlord cannot come into your apartment without 24 hour notice.

2. Your landlord has to fix all repairs in your apartment in a timely fashion.

3. The landlord has to put your security deposit that you paid to him in escrow account to draw interest, until you move and if their are no damages done to the apartment the security deposit is returned to you.

Happy Renting Everyone and good Luck

Fixer upper?

would you rent an apartment that needed cosmetic work for a lower rate?

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      I would not like the invasion of privacy, think that is a law that should be enforced everywhere. Thanks for your comment.

    • RivieraApartments profile image

      RivieraApartments 5 years ago

      Might like to add that in Texas a landlord can get around any laws pertaining to the leasing by inserting clauses within the tenancy agreement. So twenty four hour notice does not apply here. All he or she needs is to be clutching a smoke alarm battery and they are in. Let's hope you are not naked when they walk in unannounced.

      If you like your rights do not rent in Texas!

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      thank you good tip added

    • Karre profile image

      Karre Schaefer 5 years ago from Eskridge, Kansas

      Great tips I wish I had known. I would add one thing: no matter how great a neighborhood looks, drive through it at night. Whether its loose dogs or loose people, they come out at night. Learned that the hard way too. :-) --karre.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      My daughter's apt advertised outside storage space then kept it looked and wouldn't give her a key. Be sure and verify the things in the ad. Good advice for a first-time renter. Might include info on renter's insurance and how to calculate moving costs v. accepting a rent increase at the next lease agreement time. Good hub.

    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 6 years ago

      I'm w/Mcham L on this one. Excellent point about utilities (often not thought of)! Might check Tip #3, as states may change on that one! (Found out by a friend the hard way, and, oh, has my granddaughter found out it helps to listen to people like you!--like parents, etc. Hah!)

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 6 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thank You very Much Mcham, I learned the lessons the hard way when I first started out. I think I made all the mistakes I mentioned LOL Have a great day and thank You

    • Mcham Law profile image

      Mcham Law 6 years ago from Round Rock, Texas

      you make a good point about finding out what utilities cost. If you are tightly budgeted that could mess you up if they are really high.

      I'm a fan and will vote you up for having such good content.