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What's The Best Lawn Mower

Updated on May 2, 2015
Orchard Supply
Orchard Supply | Source

Tis The Season

Weddings and Gardening are taking my time away from HubPages. I love to garden and I love my friends who are getting married. Shopping is not on the love list. Shopping, I generally leave to others. Wednesday, when the lawnmower died at the peak of high grass season, it was apparent that shopping for a lawnmower could not be avoided. So between barbecues and wedding showers the great lawn mower hunt began. Being the suave consumer my first shop was the internet. Black and Decker had a little six question quiz that determined that I was a good candidate for a cordless lawnmower. I looked at cordless lawnmowers and swallowed my teeth. Continuing along and much to my relief I discovered gas mowers and standard electric mowers did not all start at $400 dollars. I did find buying a lawn mower a personal experience. The best, most durable and flashy lawn mower and it will do you no good if you can't push it, start it, or empty it if you have the wrong mower for you. That is unless you are buying with the idea that someone else will do the mowing.

Begin your lawn mower hunting by determining the features you want or need. According to Consumer Reports most lawn mowers, when well suited to your individual lawn, will work well. For example an electric mower will work well on a small lawn, while the same mower through capable of manicuring a large lawn isn't practical because a long a cord can be hazardous .

Electric Cordless Lawnmowers

Goggle search lead me first to cordless mowers. They seemed to cost four hundred dollars or more. Not in the budget I began to sweat. The 36 volt battery can mow up to a third of an acre on one charge according to Black and Decker. Customer reviews from consumer reports stated that it took anywhere from 2-8 hours to charge. You could charge it in the mower or take if out to charge. One person said it needed a continuous charge when not in use. when No place does it say what to do with the battery when it dies. In California, there is an eight dollar recycling charge for car batteries. I wonder if Auto Zone takes lawn mower batteries. Most of the cordless lawn mower users were extremely happy with their movers as long as their lawn was small and dry. Tall grass didn't cut well according to about a third of the responses.

Corded Electric Mowers

Similar to the cordless mowers only with cords. Cords can be cumbersome if you have trees or plants you mow around. Electric mowers are not the thing for mowing the lawn between rain showers. Electric mowers of all varieties tend to mow a narrower strip than gas mowers (18-19 inches.) They are easy to start and require little strength to push since they have plastic motor casings. Some electric mowers come with mulching ability.


Gas Mowers

Gas mowers, according to consumer reports, out perform electric mowers in almost every category. They cut a wider path,(usually 21-22 inches) they do not bog down in high grass and you can mow larger areas with gas mowers. The self propelling mowing feature is great. Catalytic converters and mufflers make gas mowers quieter and cleaner than older models. Some gas mowers have the mulching feature. The idea of mulching is that the mower cuts the clippings so small that the pieces drop down into the lawn and bio-degrade. Some of the mowers that say they have mulching capability do not have side vents. You really don't want to be behind a mower without a bag. Therefore look for the side vent if you desire a mulching mower. I love mulching most of the time. When the grass is long all that happens when you mulch is the clippings go all over everything.

A gas mower requires more maintenance than a corded electric mower. You need to add gas and oil for your lawn mower. With the gas mower you can run out and mow the lawn between rain showers without fear of electrocution.

Push Mowers Work Really Well For Small Lawns
Push Mowers Work Really Well For Small Lawns

Push Mowers

While they still make these wonders of the lawn cutting world they are not the sturdy wooden types of old. If you are need exercise and you have a small lawn this kind might be for you. They do not pollute or cost anything after the original purchase price. The only thing you burn is calories. They tend to cut eighteen inch paths which is the same as electric mowers. They cost around one hundred dollars.

Consumers Reports

According to May 2013 Consumers Report Honda, Tory Bilt and Lawn Boy mowers have the fewest repairs.

Honda, Tory Bilt, Toro and Yard Man(Sears) also have the excellent ratings overall.

So What Is The Best Mower

The best mower is the one you can handle and mows the lawn you need mowed. Most gas engines are made by Briggs and Straton or Honda. Both manufactures have excellent reputations. Even Husquvarna known for making engines uses Honda engines in their mower. So the real questions to ask yourself when buying a lawn mower should be: What is the budget? Is my lawn small enough that an electric mower would be good for me? Can I push it, start it, and empty it? Can I afford a self propelled model. Do I want a mulching feature? Answer these questions and go get it. I bought a Bolens with a Briggs and Straton Engine that goes through my jungle with the greatest of ease.


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    • TinaAtHome profile image

      TinaAtHome 6 years ago from California

      When our gas mower died we bought a cordless electric one, and I love it. It's easy to use and light weight. Mainly though, I didn't like leaving gas cans in our hot garage.