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What's Under Your Stove?

Updated on December 14, 2019

When was the last time you cleaned under your stove?

It could be scary to look under your stove.
It could be scary to look under your stove. | Source

One of the MOST Scariest Places in your Home

Under the Stove

One of the LEAST Favorite Chore in the House

Cleaning under the Stove

Cleaning the kitchen floor is a chore in itself, but cleaning under your stove can be scary - very scary. Just thinking about it is probably making you frown right now, as it should. You've been neglecting cleaning under the stove for far to long, "next time" you say to yourself, but next time never comes.

It's not like you don't EVER clean under your stove (I hope), probably just not as much as you should. The truth is that around my house, it probably gets cleaned once a year, maybe twice, but that's it. It should be done WAY more than that, I know, it's just that it's such a chore to drag out the stove.

Have I got a story for you. It's about what under your stove could look like if you don't clean underneath it as often as you should. Let me tell you, this is was probably not the grossest thing I ever saw, but it ranks in my top ten.

Be EXTREMLY Careful pulling out the Stove

Gas Lines & Electrical Cords

Use caution when pulling out the stove

Slowly pull out the stove when attempting to clean under it

Be aware and use good common sense, don't go yanking the stove out, take your time and use caution.

If you ever find yourself pulling out a gas stove, it be helpful if you've done something like this before with someone else who has experience. Make sure you're NOT smoking or have any of the burners on. Just make sure that there are NO flames when pulling out the gas stove.

If something were to happen, for example, you accidentally pinch the gas line and gas begins to leak. DON'T PANIC!!! Shit happens. Just turn the gas off by turning the lever that's on the gas pipe sticking out of the kitchen floor & immediately call the gas company. If need be - call 911.

Actual Before Photos

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Actual photo.Actual photo
Actual photo.
Actual photo.
Actual photo
Actual photo

This is What was Under Her Stove

A broken cigarette, glass, an old noodle and other things covered with dust.
A broken cigarette, glass, an old noodle and other things covered with dust.

Had to be Done

The Day was Today to Clean Under Her Stove

October 1, 2012

It had to get done, so I got out the cleaning products and went to work.

I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to cleaning under her stove, but enough was enough. She had put this off for far too long. She called me asked if I'd be willing to do a favor for $60. I was expecting her to ask that she needed help moving, but no... I was way off. She wanted me to clean behind and underneath her stove. She told me that she was a bit nervous with the gas line and the power cord. I hesitantly accepted.

I took a flashlight and looked between the wall and the stove, all I saw was black - her kitchen floor is beige. It's been maybe a year (maybe two years) since she last pulled the stove out and cleaned underneath it. I glanced over at the wall and the side of the stove and noticed that there was crud stuck here and there all over the place... gross. My guess was she hadn't clean under her stove -- ever.

She told me a long story how she planned to clean behind and underneath the stove but never got around to it. That means she's been debating this cleaning session for quite some time.

It was just as I expected - disgusting. Shattered glass, a broken cigarette, bits of food, all covered with dust, dirt and grime. I first swept everything up, Holy Cow! There was a thick layer of dust.

It took about a total of 20 minutes to carefully pull the stove out, clean everything and put the stove back.

My Front Line of Defense

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Trying to use just soap and water to get rid of the grease strip between the wall and the stove wasn't working that well. Had to use bleach on this tough grime.
Trying to use just soap and water to get rid of the grease strip between the wall and the stove wasn't working that well.
Trying to use just soap and water to get rid of the grease strip between the wall and the stove wasn't working that well. | Source
Had to use bleach on this tough grime.
Had to use bleach on this tough grime. | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 James Timothy Peters


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