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What's Wrong with the Paslode 902600 CF325 Framing Nailer?

Updated on March 10, 2015

About the Paslode 902600 Framing Nailer

We've had a good run with some Senco framing nailers for a couple of years but the models we had required compressed air and although our compressor was big enough mostly for the job its always been a bit of a drag setting up our generator when we don't have on site power and then sometimes running two nailers at a time you could drain the compressor of air.

So when a new large construction job came in we took the step of abandoning the Senco's for four new Paslode 902600 Lithium Ion powered cordless framing nailers. The freedom from hoses, compressors and generators feels sometimes like too good to be true but I can tell you its just such a relief that I just wonder why I didn't do it years ago.

The 902600 only weighs 7.5 pounds so although light after a day of shooting nails it can get pretty heavy in the end, but all nailers are about the same weight except for the new pneumatic Bosch but we just didn't want to go pneumatic this time.

It has one lithium ion battery that powers it that can last up to 5 hours so they say but when the guys are going for it we only get about 3 hours. The charge time is only one hour. So we ordered an extra 12 batteries for the CH325's. They cost an extra $54 each but we do need them. The other thing we have spare packs of is the fuel cells which power the nailers. The fuel cells power in about 1000 nails (you have to use Paslode nails by the way) and cost about $15 each so this is quite an added expense that we have to put with.

What's wrong with the Paslode 902600

There's a few things we don't like about them compared to the normal pneumatic framing nailers.

  1. We're used to our nailers holding two clips of nails whereas these CF325's only hold one clip. Also what's fairly frustrating here is that in the old Senco's when the clip got low and you wanted a break you could just throw another clip in but with these Paslode 902600's you've actually got to fire the very last nail out. That's a drag.
  2. We've also noticed that sheathing nails have to be loaded absolutely correctly or they can jam. That can be a time waster.
  3. Its got a really big nose on it that makes precision nailing difficult compared to the short noses of pneumatic nailers.
  4. The battery is quite difficult to remove quickly.
  5. They're expensive to run compared to pneumatic framing nailers.
  6. Being gas powered the Paslode CF325 does discharge gas fumes, but we're mainly using these outside so its not an issue for us. Inside we make sure the area's well vented.
  7. They can be a little noisy compared to pneumatically powered air nailers as they have a fan that clicks in every time you shoot a nail to discharge the gas.

Questions and Answers about the Paslode 902600

1) Beside the battery (Rechargeable 7.4 volt Lithium ion Battery) what do you require for the Paslode CF325 to operate?

It has a butane fuel cell. Paslode state 1000 nails per cell but we get about 750 - 800. Also we remove the cells each night otherwise they will bleed and as they're quite expensive we try to reduce those costs as much as we can.

2) What is the fuel cell?

The fuel cell is basically the gunpowder that sends the nail home. The battery ignites the fuel and that explodes down the cylinder just like a gas powered car.

3) Will the Paslode 902600 shoot the 3 1/4 ring shank nail?

Yes it will fire the ring shank

4) What comes with the purchase?

A hard plastic case, good instruction manual, one battery and charger. You'll have to buy the nails and fuel cell separately for the CF325.

5) Will it always completely drive the nail home?

It needs concentration if you're in too much of a hurry it can leave a nail poking out 1/2". Make sure to always provide pressure.

6) What different size nails does it use?

2" and 3 1/4"

Video of the Paslode CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer in action

Best Benefits of the Paslode CF325

  1. Firstly, unquestionably the freedom of not being tied up to an air hose.
  2. The Paslode CF325 is lightweight, powerful and well thought out. The fit and finish is excellent.
  3. The lithium battery can be locked in the off position, preventing drainage.
  4. The battery has a power boost feature which allows you to shoot up to 200 nails after just two minutes in the charger. A nice feature if you're just finishing a job and the battery dies on you.
  5. The battery is fully charged in just one hour for a five hour charge.
  6. The tool case it comes with has lots of room for spare batteries and fuel cells.
  7. The nails in the 92600 slide in and out very easily so if you want to change nail size its done in a snap.
  8. Very durable. One of my guys dropped his CF325 off the roof by accident and it worked straight off.

We bought ours through Amazon. They provide a full one year warranty and they were $50 cheaper than at Lowes or the Home Depot. Shipping was free right to our d


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      6 years ago

      ITW appears be ofnfiereg this tool under both their Duo-Fast and Paslode brands. Unfortunately both seem not to be up to bump firing (maybe too much to ask for a cordless roof nailer). I guess the target application is for small jobs but for small jobs often as not we just pull out boxes of nails and a hammer


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