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What to Look for in a Remodeling Estimate for Bathrooms

Updated on May 4, 2011

remodeling the right way

Estimate details are important when it comes to cost

When you are planning a remodeling project for your home there is a number of things you need to look for from your potential contractor. This article will deal with estimates and why details are so important.

When you planning your project it is important to realize that what you are asking for often require a lot more work that what you might see on HGTV. It’s amazing how they can fit three days of work into a 20 minute program, that’s once you take out the commercials. The little details that they leave out take time and cost money. The following example of an itemized estimate is a sample of what you should look for. Estimates that are vague and based on verbal agreement aren’t a good idea. When the project starts, cost can start adding up and it is not uncommon for contractor to come back to for more money above the estimated amount and if not paid will walk away from the job rather than lose money.

Sample Estimate based on a Master bedroom and Master Bath remodel that I sold earlier this year.


Client name Date


City, state and zip:

Contact information

Phone cell phones email address

Job address: Same as above

Job Description /Site prep $450.00

Cover and protect new windows in master bedroom

Install dust control barriers in return air ducts

Remove privacy wall on deck

Cover and protect deck

Remove downstairs ceiling tiles for plumbing / duct access

Demolition $4800.00

Following items to be removed

All tile surfaces in master bathroom and shower

Vanity, existing whirlpool tub, countertop and mirror

Drywall (all walls and ceiling master bath)

Drywall ceiling in master bedroom

All existing insulation in affected areas

All trim, base and crown (master bed, closet and bath)

Steel Ceiling framing and old roof pan (bedroom and bath)

Existing floor vent

Wall in bath at existing shower

Doors and Openings $2625.00

Remove existing windows in Bath and Master Bedroom (save window from bedroom)

Remove Door in bath and infill for drywall and siding

Remove existing doors in toilet room storage and infill for drywall repair

Install new exterior door in bedroom

Install window in bath removed from bedroom

Install new window in shower (approx. size 24”wide x 32” high)

New carpentry work $3670.00

Build temporary steps, ramp and handrail for access to work area

Repair any sub-floor damage in bathroom

Frame in wall where existing exterior door removed in bath

Frame seat and storage shelve in shower

Frame opening to except window removed from bedroom

Reframe opening bedroom for new exterior door

Repair exterior wood siding where needed

Reframe ceilings in Bath and Bedroom for trey’s and or vaults

(Determination of style and feasibility after demo is complete)

Frame new fireplace wall in master bedroom

(Will include firing of interior walls as needed for venting access)

Build new privacy wall on deck (at end of job )

HVAC $860.00

Relocate floor register in bath to vanity toekick with new register cover

Increase duct size to bed and bath for increased air flow

Install duct dampers if needed

Install electrical radiant heat system (toekick style vanity)

Electrical $2660.00

Remove existing exterior light and switch at existing door, relocate to new door

Install new lighting above new vanity with new switch

Install additional 15 or 20amp breakers as needed with new wiring for bath outlets

Install new 2 GFCI outlets in cabinet her vanity

Install 1 new GFCI outlet at new vanity

Replace all switches and outlets with new plus new covers

Remove and replace ceiling fans (bath and bedroom)

Relocate whirlpool wiring and switch

Install new lighting and switch above windows in bedroom

Plumbing $3100.00

Replace all existing Poly plumbing lines with CPVC

Relocate drains for new Clawfoot tub and shower

Install new drain and water lines for new vanity (Appx. where existing door is now)

Relocate shower valve and water head to new wall

Install new vanity faucets and drains

Install new shut off valves on all water lines

Install all new supply lines (exposed lines for tub, color to be determined)

Remove and reinstall existing toilet

Install new Clawfoot tub

Drywall and Repair $2240.00

Install ½” mold resistant drywall on all bath walls and ceilings

Install ½” drywall on bedroom ceiling

Repair and patch areas as needed

Mud and finish drywall – paint ready

Tile work Master Bathroom $5450.00

Repair subfloor where needed

Install ¼” dur-rock over all subfloors

Install radiant floor heat system in traffic areas

Install ½” dur-rock on shower walls

Install tile on all new floor surfaces and shower (shower walls to be to ceiling)

Grout, clean and seal all work

Cabinets $1800.00

Install 2 customs made vanities and dressing table (to match other bath cabinetry)

Install 1 custom upright storage cabinet for vanity (style to be determined)

Install new hardware

Finish Carpentry $1350.00

Install 5” base and cap baseboards (bedroom, closet and bath)

Install new 4 5/8” crown molding w/ clover molding sub trim in bedroom

Install new 3 9/16” crown molding w/ clover molding sub trim in bath

Install new interior door and window casings on all effected openings

Repair or replace other as needed

Paint $1920.00

Caulk and putty all trim

Patch and fill all walls

Prime and paint all interior walls and ceilings (master bed, bath and closet)

Paint all doors and window

Prime and paint all new trim

Paint exterior siding to match where repaired

Master Bedroom Fireplace $3600.00

Remove and relocate electrical, phone and cable outlets or switches

Remove and relocate HVAC return vent

Install new gas line and shut off for log set

Fireplace vent installation where needed

Fireplace hearth and finish

Fireplace mantle

(Possible new mantle for fireplace may be custom made by shop)

Carpet $2100.00

Install new carpet and pad in Master bedroom and closet only

Remove and replace any reducer or transition strips

Includes any tack strip installation or replacement

Miscellaneous Interior

Master Bath $1900.00

New granite counter tops both vanities

Frameless shower door

Remove and replace all door hardware

Two new mirrors for vanities

Insulation and radiant barrier in ceilings bed and bath where accessible $800.00

Deck $960.00

Install metal dry below system under deck at bath area

Garage $550.00

Remove and replace 2x6 trim on garage and replace by composite material

Remove and replace garage door weather stripping

Paint to match existing

Basement $300.00

Re-install all ceiling tiles removed for access

Repair or replace any damaged ceiling grid

Check hanging wires

Debris Removal $1200.00

Provide 10yrd dumpster (swap as needed)

All debris removed from site to provided dumpsters

Broom clean site daily

Remove temporary access stairs, ramp and handrail (at end of job)

Final clean up to include removal of all dust control barriers, wipe surfaces, sweep and vacuum

Estimated job completion time based on drawing and conversations on details of work.

Estimate includes all material listed above and labor

Estimated time to complete job 10 weeks (change orders and weather could increase time).

(owner to provide Clawfoot tub per request)

Estimated cost to complete project $40,835.00

As you can see this is a very detailed estimate, the material allowance for fixtures are provided on a separate spread sheet. Any overage on the material is absorbed by the owner in this example. It is also noted the approximate time to complete the job; this is a very important detail. Do not leave it open ended.

If you are a contractor you are welcome to contact me for advice or if you may need help on an upcoming project in the Atlanta area. And for homeowners out there; if your estimate isn’t this detailed you may want to double check exactly what is included before the work begins. Good luck with your next project and best wishes.

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