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When to be Thankful

Updated on November 17, 2013

Not Procreating with the Wrong Mate!

Welcome readers! Sometimes we need to look at all the hidden blessings that we have been granted and be thankful. I'm going to give some huge examples of when it is time to be thankful. Lets start with a guy/woman you was seeing and you had strong feelings for them. You would have be willing to start a family with that person. Instead, you broke up with that person over something stupid and you was hurt but was eventually able to go your separate ways. Be thankful that for reasons of higher power you didn't procreate/produce a child with this person. WHY? Things wouldn't have got better because it just wasn't meant to be. It would have been a MILLION times worse. Keep reading on to see more examples.

When Someone Breaks Your Heart!

This may leave you thinking about why would you be thankful to be hurt so badly? Well through pain we grow strong and wiser. You ever heard the saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Think of it like that. A broken heart is no easy thing to sneeze at. Although once you allow yourself to see past the pain, then accept what happened, you will have learned so much more. For reason's we can't control, two people meet each other, their minds connect, their bodies connect (hopefully not, but things happen!), and one heart looks for the other. Sometimes it just won't be found. Then you loose it all and feel hurt. Well everything happens for a reason i believe and that could be you need to open your eyes. You need to learn, that the type of man/woman your chasing is JUST A DREAM. They in reality completely suck. Or they just aren't compatible with you. So let it go. Let pain teach you and guide you to happiness again.

When you leave an Abusive Mate!

YOU MUST THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS. A lot of people who are neck deep in abusive relationships, sadly, don't make it out. They just aren't strong enough to face the truth or other things of that nature. So be thankful that you are alive and have survived hell. Their is a silver lining at the end of tunnel and you ran for it! GOOD JOB. Seriously, knowing personally that it is not as easy as just getting up and leaving. I commend you for finally being able to free yourself. The truth is you could be dead. Then it would have been game over. But in the end they won the battles but you won the war! Congrats and be thankful for each day.

When you have children

Children are a blessing period. Even if you have them with a nutcase. It's okay because as long as you take them away from that and be all you can be then its awesome. It can be very difficult at times but the overall picture will be awesome. So be thankful. If you had your kids with someone very special that loves you to death than be thankful. <3

In closing

I just wanted to take a moment out of my life and give thanks. Sometimes are lives get so bad that we feel we have nothing to be thankful for. Well just remember look inside yourself and listen to your heart beat. Be thankful for being alive because again it could be game over, Then a lot sadness follows death. So thank you for reading this article! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom if you wish. :)


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