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When you are going to buy a water purifier

Updated on September 3, 2015

Brands of water purifiers

When you select a water purifier, you should consider the brands, the company that manufacture it. Good brands of water purifiers are Kent, Puricom, etc. Many other good brands are also available. You can choose from them.

Local Contractor

When you are going to buy water purifiers, you should consider the contractors you are buying from. Because, they will provide you after sale services of this product.

Water purifer
Water purifer

The service team of the local contractor

The most important but not the last thing to consider before buying a water purifier is the capacity of service team of your local supplier. You may ask the following questions to the supplier of your water filter.

  1. Who are the clients of your company or products?
  2. Do you have own service team?
  3. Do you provide after sale services?

If all the answers are positive then you can proceed.

Water treatment plant

Industrial water treatment plant
Industrial water treatment plant

Commercial water filtration

If you want to do business of pure drinking water, you can set up a commercial water treatment plant with automatic filling machines.

How RO Water Purifiers Work?

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