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Where I found the best deal on laminate flooring - $0.66 a square foot

Updated on October 21, 2009

Hey everyone, just a quick tip for everyone looking for very affordable laminate floors in Canada.

I stumbled across the fact that Zellers sells laminate flooring for $1.50 a square foot. However if you keep your eye on their flyer every 3 weeks or so laminate flooring goes on sale for %50 off. This brings the price down to $0.75 a square foot.

The next thing I did was put my order on a newly created Zellers credit card or whatever it's called. If you do this they give you another %10 off your first purchase.  Thus bringing the price down to $0.66 a square foot.

After my purchase I walked over to customer service and payed the entire outstanding balance on my new credit card. Then I closed the account and canceled the card immediately. The interest is outrageous so try not to carry a balance:)


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