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Where To Put A Wall Clock

Updated on November 19, 2012

One of the most important things to decide in buying clocks is deciding where to put the clock.  There are so many choices in today’s modern household, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

Some of the factors that are involved in placing clocks include the color of the clock, the color of the wall, the shape of the wall clock, the space on the wall, etc.

If you have a mantle clock then you can obviously put it on the mantle.

But what if you don’t have a mantle clocks?  Well there are some things that you can still do to figure out where you should put any other types that you have.

What do I mean?  I mean that you can look into certain factors to determine where your wall clock can go.  For example, if the wall clock is mostly black, then you could put it on a white colored wall, because the colors will contrast each other very nicely and then you will not have any problems with ugly looking clocks hanging on your wall.

If your wall clock is lighter in color then you should focus on placing it a wall that darker, like a deep green.  Again, the colors will contrast very nicely.

Also mix hot colors like red and yellow with cool colors like blue and purple.  These are opposites on the “color wheel” and they will look very nice together.

Now that you know where to put your clocks for maximum color effect, you should think about the style of the wall clock and how it effects where you will put it.  If you have a wall clock that is more subdued, then you can put it in the living room, your bedroom, or somewhere where the guests will be able to see it.  This is because it will fit in nicely with the rest of your decorations, and make your house appear to be much more civilized.

If you have some sort of novelty clock, like a neon clock or a fish clock, then you should try to put it wherever it would fit in with the surroundings.  A neon clock may look good in your teenage son’s bedroom, and a novelty clock that is shape like a fish may look good in your husband’s work room.  It’s all up to you.

There are many types of clocks, and you will be able to put them appropriately with practice.


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    • profile image

      Wall Clocks Large 6 years ago

      That was a really great hub. You can place clocks anywhere. Just find a place on your wall where is enough space and where you want to place it.

    • profile image

      Patricia Cole 6 years ago

      Nice article. I love novelty clocks as they are fun to have in rooms that you want to reflect your hobbies or special interests.