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Where To Sell Used China

Updated on May 16, 2010

Lenox Brookdale

Many people invest much time and effort in enhancing their home décor. Fine china sets play a big role in that. However, there often comes a time when people need to consider selling their used china. Maybe they’ve received an additional china set and don’t need two, or there arises a need for extra cash and/or space. When that time comes, selling fine china, even discontinued china patterns, can be quite rewarding. There is a sizable market out there for used and discontinued china, crystal, flatware and collectibles. The china sellers’ goal should be to realize the highest possible value for their used china sets at the least amount of hassle and cost.

One online route is Ebay and craigslist. These venues have been used by many dinnerware sellers, with varying degrees of success. It is important to be aware of the complexities and rules which govern these sites or else the resulting headache and problems can make the whole experience not worthwhile.

When selling on Ebay for example, all of Ebay’s rules and guidelines need to be followed, among them accurate product descriptions, return policies, handling times, DSR and feedback requirements etc. When listing a set of 60 pieces or more, accurate descriptions and effective photos are important and can be a quite a chore. Not to mention dealing with non-paying buyers and the inevitable complaints and nitpicking about quality and shipping charges. There are also fees of up to 15% as well as upfront fees for which payment is required even if your items don’t sell. Many of these issues exist on Craigslist as well, plus an unhealthy dose of con artists and scammers. So do check out this option but tread carefully.

There is also the option of selling to replacement china companies. A Google search will lead the china seller to reputable companies, some of which buy china from individuals. It is wise to shop around to get the highest possible quote. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and remember that china is fragile and heavy, which means high shipping costs and extra careful packing.

The best bet for a china seller is to find a local replacement company which allows for delivery of the china to their premises. By bringing the items personally, the seller can avoid the expense and difficulty of packing and shipping as well as get paid upon delivery. Even if there is a possibility to earn a bit more via distant non-local buyers, the tradeoff of packing, shipping and dealing with insurance claims when there is breakage usually means that for selling china, you’re better off going local.

Classic Replacements is New Yor's premier replacement china dealer. Please visit us at We welcome your questions or comments.


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    • profile image

      laura luongo 3 years ago

      hello, I have 12 place settings of Lenox Autumn with sugar bowl and creamer; and 12 soup dishes. Every piece is perfect. Would like to sell it in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut area as shipping is costly.. thank you.

    • profile image

      Carol McKinney 4 years ago

      I have 8 place settings of Lenox Brookdale I would like to sell.

    • profile image

      John Holmstrom 6 years ago

      Have 5 Lennox tuxedo dinner set plus glass ware and silver. Purchased new in 1962. Used perhaps 10 times or so. Stored unused since 1986.

      I'd like to sell all it in L.A. in person. Don't want to pack, write, insure, etc. You see it... you like buy it. Completely legit. Hollywood homeowner since '84.

      Please advice how to accomplish if this is possible. Much appreciated. Leave contact info if you like.


    • profile image

      Tula Vintson Tisa 6 years ago

      I am looking to fill in my pieces of Brookdale Lenox china. Mine is over 40 years old and in good shape. I am so willing to pay a good price for my wedding anniversary coming up .. ty one and all..