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Best Places To Buy A Luxury Home

Updated on July 5, 2012

Is A Luxurious Home In Your Future?

Where are the best places to buy luxury home? Is a luxurious home in your future? A small, quiet lake, a hilltop of a ski resort or a quaint, historical community are places that would be my choices to search if I were looking for luxury homes for sale. My first choice and probably ultimately the place that I would end up purchasing luxury real estate is near a small, quiet lake in a small quiet community. There's something about water that gives that peaceful feeling and something about small communities that makes you feel at home. The tranquil beauty of the suns reflection hitting soft waves or a sunrise or sunset over the lake is something that I would love to have a chance to look at daily. Even approaching storms over a lake can be beautiful and breathtaking scenes.

Luxury Home Search

The sale of luxury homes situated within a small community around a lake are sometimes quite expensive. When the area is a resort or tourist area, the prices may be even higher. If you're going to begin searching for a waterfront luxury home in the location of your dreams, it could take some time and effort.

Consider what you would want to spend. What is your range?. Then consider what things you would really want and need the home. Then consider the location. When you make this type of list, searching for the perfect home will be much easier. Will this be your permanent residence or not? If not will you consider renting it out when you're not staying there?

Some Awesome places to Look For A Luxury Real Estate

I have listed two possible locations to begin looking for that perfect waterfront home.  One is in the East, the other in the West.  

Try Lake Oswego in the West  in Portland Oregon and Chautauqua Lake in the East in New York.

Just some things to ponder.  Do some research and find out where you would buy a luxury home.


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