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Grandpa, Is it True.............???

Updated on September 13, 2012
These are my daughters, perhaps one day, they will make me a grandpa, and that's what this Hub is about.
These are my daughters, perhaps one day, they will make me a grandpa, and that's what this Hub is about.

....There Was a Time When Service Stations Provided Free Services??

I image that one day my grandchildren might be asking me, "Grandpa, is it true that there was time when if you went to the gas station, they pumped the gas for you? And checked the oil? And checked the air in your tires? And cleaned the windshield? And checked the windshield washer fluid? And they did all this for FREE??" My grandchildren may have only heard rumors about those days, and back then, when I started driving gas was only thirty-five cents a gallon. To me, it seems like not so long ago, but I just starting thinking about all the services we used to have when I was growing up that we no longer have. The neighborhood service station is only one of the many that I can think of, so read on, and enjoy my little trip down the path of what used to be.

....There Was a Time When People Delivered Milk to Your House?

It's hard to believe that there was a day when you put a milk box out on your front porch, and the milk man came every couple of days and delivered all of your milk right on your doorstep. I wonder when that stopped even, because just seemed to fade away when I wasn't paying attention. We used to leave a list in the milk box of what we wanted, white milk, chocolate milk, or whatever, and everything came in glass bottles back then. When you were finished with them, you put them back in the milk box, and the next time the milk man stopped he took them with them, and back to the dairy they went where they were sterilized and re-used. You could always tell the milk man too, because he wore a white uniform, with a white hat and black brim. I remember back then, if woman was pregnant and no one knew who the father was, they always blamed the milk man. Now, there's DNA testing, so there can be no doubt.

This Might Be the Last Milk Man in America

Home Milk Delivery and Other Things From a Forgotten Era

....There Was a Time When Bread Got Delivered to Your House?

Wow, how long has it been since anyone has ever seen a bread man making home deliveries? Where did they all go? I remember when I was a kid, the Bond Bread truck would come to our house once a week, which was pretty amazing considering we lived on a dirt road, up a hill, about a quarter of a mile of the main (and I used that term loosely) road by our house. Even the main road was just a little out country road out the middle of nowhere, but at least it was paved. It was a great event when the bread man came to our house, not because bread is all that exciting, but he had cakes, cookies, and pies too. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!!!! My parents didn't have a lot of money, but I always managed to twist my mother's arm and get her to buy some kind of goodies for us. The stuff was always fresh too, because it hadn't been sitting around on supermarket shelves for who knows how long? Those are days long gone that my grandchildren will never get to experience first hand. (There's still an ice cream truck that some guy drives up and down my street every day, but I never see any customers, so I wonder how much longer that will last).

....There Was a Time When You Got Diapers Delivered to Your House??

Yes, there was, and not only where they diapers, they were REAL cloth diapers. There were no Pampers or Huggies back then. People used real cloth diapers, and they had to be put on the baby with real safety pins. Lucky for me, my mother managed to lose a battle with a glass milk bottle falling out of our refrigerator right after my brother was born, which severed a tendon between her index finger and her thumb. So, guess who had to learn how to change diapers at age 11. It wasn't such a big deal, except for all the times I poked the tip of my thumb with those damn safety pins. I must have lost about 6 gallons of blood before my brother was a year old and my mother could change diapers herself again.

Every week, the diaper man came to our house too, back then. We gave him all the used diapers (we had to rinse them out first), and he took them back to the diaper place where they got washed and sterilized, and he would give us a new batch of diapers to see us through until his next visit. Can you even buy cloth diapers and diaper pins anymore? And certainly, even if you can, no one is going to deliver them to your house anymore, I don't think. Them days is gone forever!!!!! At least around where I live. It appears from the below video, that in some places this kind of service is actually still available.

The Diaper Delivery Service

........That American Money Used to Say "In God We Trust?"

It's just scary to think that when I have grandchildren that they may never see a dollar bill that says "In God We Trust" on it, unless they are into numismatics. But, as more and more people of varying religions and atheists fight to ban such things, because they don't fit in with ALL religions or NON-religions, I fear that one day that day will come when "In God We Trust" disappears from all of our national currency, just as prayer disappeared from our schools for essentially the same reasons.

Even more disturbing is the ever-present possibility that our Christian holidays will no longer be paid days off from our jobs. Christmas, every year, becomes more and more commercial, and less and less about the celebration of Jesus's birth for Christians. Sadly, I believe that one day at will no longer be a "legal" holiday for us, because it conflicts with other non-Christian and non-religious beliefs. The only way that we will every be able to stop such things from happening is if everybody lets their voices be heard in places such as this, or commenting on other blogs that voice these beliefs. People CAN make a difference, if enough people let their voices be heard.


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