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Where to Find Cheap Furniture for Sale

Updated on February 5, 2013


Thanks for visiting my hub on where to find cheap furniture. Needless to say, furniture is something that most of us feel is essential to making a house feel like a home. Fortunately, good deals on furniture are quite plentiful these days - especially if you know where to look. (And if you're interested in protecting any purchase you make, please visit Extended Warranties and Protection Plans.)

Going Out of Business Sales

The last few years have been particularly tough, economically, on a lot of people. It has also been hard on businesses, with the result being that a lot of companies are closing their doors - furniture companies included.

That being the case, there is an opportunity to pick up furniture at extraordinarily depressed prices at going-out-of-business sales. Thus, you'll have to keep your eyes open and perhaps be a little proactive in order to find these deals. In addition, even if they aren't at this point yet, lots of comapanies are strapped for cash and will have deep-discount sales in order to stay afloat.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are another opportunity to pick up cheap furniture. In many instances, cash is needed to help pay the debts of the estate, so bargains may be plentiful. (And sometimes, the estate is full of stuff that the heirs just don't want.)

There are companies that specialize in estate sales, so you can try calling them to get an idea of where the estate sales are being held and what types of items will be up for auction. However, you should go in with a set budget and do your best not to exceed it.

Garage Sales

As with estate sales, garage sales are often just an attempt by owners to get rid of a lot of excess clutter. In other words, they're not really looking to make a bundle of money, which will work out just fine for you.

Finding individual garage sales however, can sometimes be a hassle. I'm fortunate enough to live in an area where the local Homeowners Associations only allow residents to conduct garage sales on set dates through out the year. (Basically, every resident who has something to sell has their garage sale on the same day.) Signs are usually posted well in advance in nearby high-traffic areas, so everyone is aware of when a neighborhood garage sale is taking place.

If you aren't lucky enough to live in an area with neighborhood garage sales (or you want to find them), you may have to check newspapers and look online (see below),

Government Auctions

As with locating Cheap Cars and Foreclosure Homes, government auctions can often be a great source of inexpensive furniture. While some of the furniture might be government surplus items or furniture that has been replaced, some of it will be property that was seized for numerous reasons: abandonment, criminal activity, etc.

Some of the property might be sold through the local Constable or Sheriff's office, in which case it is known as a "Sheriff's auction" or "Sheriff's sale." It is probably worthwhile to contact the Sheriff's office and find out where and when the next such auction will be held.

Newspapers, Classifieds and Online

Last but not least, don't forget to check - as previously noted - the old standby: your local newspaper. This is where you will quite often find information about going-out-of-business sales, garage sales, etc. Also, don't neglect classifieds like the Penny Saver.

Finally, be sure to keep an eye on online classifieds for your area, as well as sites like Craigslist. Sometimes just putting your city and something like "garage sale" or "furniture for sale" into a search engine will give you a nice list of possibilities, as well as contact info for the sellers so you can call and ask questions.


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    • davidlivermore profile image

      David Livermore 

      7 years ago from Bakersfield, California, United States

      Storage auctions can be another way to find furniture. Though can be a bit more risky since you can't look at the goods.


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