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Where to keep our writing material?

Updated on January 4, 2015


As if it weren't enough to cope with our busy minds, we are also required to cope with our busy desks. Let's face it: writers aren't usually the most organized people in the world. The matter gets even worse if you live and work in the same space - a small space.

Thankfully, I now have the internet to help me with good ideas for decluttering and organizing, otherwise I would be buried under piles of paper. (Right now, I'm also studying to develop a PhD project, and by that I mean more paper - old photocopies from college, sparse sheets with notes, old notebooks and files...) I must admit, I'm disorganized. And I live with an extremely organized mum. So, the vision of my working place for her is, basically, Hell.

The ideal scenario would be to take some time daily to declutter, pack up everything in its proper place, and wake up on the next day with a clean, neat vision, so you can start messing all over again - and, at the end of the day, organizing everything again. It sounds great if you're a person of habits and routine. But I'm not, therefore, I can only dream about a perfectly organized space.

The perfectly organized home office. I dream about it everyday.
The perfectly organized home office. I dream about it everyday. | Source

Do you tend to succumb to disorganization?

Writer, how often do you declutter?

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Yes, organizing!

Although I can't seem to clean after my own mess daily, I do take some time, at least twice a week, to put everything in its place and, most importantly, to throw useles sh*t away. Purging is crucial, even if it's painful for you to do it.

What is more, having a small desk space, I've learned a golden rule: to use my walls! By hanging organizers, I have more space left on my desk and I can easily find what I need because it's displayed around me. You can also use your door to hang even more organizers!

Shoe organizers, for example, can storage pens, pocket notebooks, rolled magazines, and correspondence.

Moms always come up with incredible ideas, such as this one!
Moms always come up with incredible ideas, such as this one! | Source

Shelf space

When you have shelves you can also make use of some smart strategies to "enlarge" your storage space. On that matter, one can resort to boxes, containers, ready-made office stationery, plastic drawers... or you can also engage in some DIY fun - if your crafty and patient, of course. If you're on a budget, you can recycle or reuse crates. Even boxes made of cardboard can be quite resistant if you fold them properly.

Talking about creativity, Ikea hacks can be a cheap solution to turn your office into a personalized and charming space.

I've collected some inspirations and you can check them on the following:

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Fancy vertical rack.Cute fabric pockets.Cardboard organizers.Ikea spice racks.A shutter on the wall.Plumbing pipes.Wine boxes.Wine crate fancy shelves.DIY hanging shelf, with wooden and rope.Basket shelves.Basket displays.Rack made of Ikea storage boxes.Mail sorter.Literally hang your ideas.Vertical display.No more wire hangers for your clothes, but that's cool for magazines.Ikea waste bins.
Fancy vertical rack.
Fancy vertical rack. | Source
Cute fabric pockets.
Cute fabric pockets. | Source
Cardboard organizers.
Cardboard organizers. | Source
Ikea spice racks.
Ikea spice racks. | Source
A shutter on the wall.
A shutter on the wall. | Source
Plumbing pipes.
Plumbing pipes. | Source
Wine boxes.
Wine boxes. | Source
Wine crate fancy shelves.
Wine crate fancy shelves. | Source
DIY hanging shelf, with wooden and rope.
DIY hanging shelf, with wooden and rope. | Source
Basket shelves.
Basket shelves. | Source
Basket displays.
Basket displays. | Source
Rack made of Ikea storage boxes.
Rack made of Ikea storage boxes. | Source
Mail sorter.
Mail sorter. | Source
Literally hang your ideas.
Literally hang your ideas. | Source
Vertical display.
Vertical display. | Source
No more wire hangers for your clothes, but that's cool for magazines.
No more wire hangers for your clothes, but that's cool for magazines. | Source
Ikea waste bins.
Ikea waste bins. | Source

I still have all this paper

We live in a constant battle against paper, even with the latest technology available. Bills, recipes, documents, worksheets and hand-outs from lessons in some cases... there's a never-ending list of paper we gather everyday. To keep them, use labeled boxes, organized by folders. Throw away paper you know you won't use anymore.

Being writers, we also feel the need, eventually, to print articles and drafts to read and to write on. Usually, I throw away what I have already used, specially drafts I have already worked on and rewritten. But some things we just feel like we must keep for consulting, and for those, I fill a binder with plastic bags. There are binders that already come with extra pockets besides the traditional rings to hold papel, and can hold a huge amount of articles, drafts, handwriting etc. Some are even portable and quite good looking to take to work or to a trip.


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    • FreakFran profile image

      Francine Oliveira 3 years ago from Minas Gerais, Brasil

      Mine used to be like this, my basses and amplifiers were ALSO in my bedroom, but I managed to build a nice, cool space outside the house where I can play my music and listen to my old vinyls - even though its now shared with laundry LOL

    • GuitarGear profile image

      Walter Holokai 3 years ago from Youngstown, Ohio

      Awesome! I wish my writing space looked like that. I write in a small room with a bunch of guitars and amplifiers laying all over the place. It's very funky perhaps even funkadelic.