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Which Cleaning Solution for Waxed Floor?

Updated on March 16, 2011

Neutral PH Cleaning Solutions

If you have a floor that has a sealer, finish or wax, you must use neutral PH (6-7) Cleaning solution.


Higher PH (8-14) strong alkaline cleaning solutions or lower PH (1-4) acid type of cleaner will dull the floor or remove your finish, or wax very fast.

Also some of these high PH cleaning solutions might leave residue and can make the floor very slippery.

So make sure to use neutral PH (6-7) and use dilution ratio as recommended by the manufacturer of the product for mopping or for your auto scrubber.

If you dilute too high, could also leave reside on the floor and can cause problem of slip and you will be wasting solutions.

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