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Which Is The Proper Climate for Growing Grapes?

Updated on September 23, 2010

Which Is The Proper Climate for Growing Grapes?

Grapes need to be grown with lots of care and adequate caution. The climate in which they grow is very important to get luscious grapes. But how can you figure out what is the best climate when talking about growing grapes? Climate is definitely a tough subject to talk about. There are different species of grapes out there and every single one will need a different climatic environment in order to give out a good harvest.

One factor that is necessary in grape growing is enough sunlight. If a region shows a minimum of 3 months of Summer or a similar weather period then grapes can be grown there. Those regions that are cold throughout the year or have heavy rainfall are not conducive for growing grapes as the amount of sunlight the plant gets would be affected.

Hot summers and winters that are mild are best for growing wines. Frost is not compatible with grape harvests. Different grape varieties can become dormant as winter appears and will just produce grapes in shorter seasons. Generally one soil that has good drainage and is mildly acidic is perfect for grapes growing.

In order to calculate needed sunlight then you can note and observe sunlight days that appear in your area. This is how a great idea can be obtained about sunlight a vineyard would get during season. You do have to make sure that your grape plants receive around eight hours of sunlight exposure daily. If the temperature of a typical day during the season is say 50 degrees or more, then you can roughly say that your vineyard needs 170 such days.

In the event that you live in one area with a warm climate then your selection of grape varieties is much larger and it is quite easy to find a species that will be perfect for you. But, limited choices exist for people living in cold climates. Good examples of species that will be grown in cold climates are Landot Noir, Alpenglow, Brianna, Baltica and Reliance.

It is only natural to look at the correct climate in order for your grapes to grow properly. As grapes need abundant sunlight, you may prefer to choose places with good summers to grow them. But don't get disheartened. If you stay in colder regions with negligible summers you can still grow grapes. The only thing to be kept in mind is that you need to choose a variety of grapes that can grow in colder regions without adequate sunlight. What is important is choosing species correctly. Never end up thinking that colder climates automatically stop you from growing grapes. You may grow them successfully by making an appropriate choice of species.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks redmachine. I was glad to hear that even someone in a cold climate can grow grapes. I'm in Minnesota and I think it would be great to grow grapes but I never even considered it until your hub.