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Which Trees and Shrubs Should You Plant?

Updated on April 7, 2015

We Hear You Knocking Over the Trees

Will you replant a cedar or a fir?
Will you replant a cedar or a fir? | Source
Now I Can See More Eagles Flying By
Now I Can See More Eagles Flying By | Source

We Want to See the Mystery

Yet, we are surely going to keep ourselves aware, keep looking out the window, see if we notice anything coming any closer into view. out of the one set of woods, into the clearing where we might perchance catch a glance, of what ever that is, crinkling and crackling in the woods with such a racket of noise. Worse than doing dishes. Our curiosity has to find out.

Surely we are not afraid. No, not really, just wish we knew for sure what it was, cause our curiosity does tend to get carried away with us all alone in this quiet little nestle of woods.

No need to worry, we have plenty of neighbors enough, that if it was anything too nasty or tough, it really wouldn't hurt us too much, our dog would protect us first anyway. We trust spirit.

Sounds of Trees Falling Down

Yet, no one else seems to notice, no one else seems to be around. Cars go by, oh good there is someone coming out to move their garbage can back from the roadside. We do that too, after setting the binoculars down. Still caught no more glimpse of the sound.

Our vivid minds will just have to content if it was real or magic again. We know what we heard, we know what we saw, but it is the not knowing that the stories are made of. Logical minds just naturally say, why of course it was men, we heard them sawing the other day.

The forest just has a primitive way of rustling up the unknown mysteries. So dense, so immense, the elements.

That is when we like to imagine we are a bird who could see and fly high enough up into the sky to see what had really happened to that tree. But then what would they care, way up there in the air?

Ferns and Bushes

Trees make room and provide for us.
Trees make room and provide for us. | Source
Welcome Sunshine to the new ground plants.
Welcome Sunshine to the new ground plants. | Source

Who is Changing the Forest?

We have vivid imaginations when it comes to sounds in the woods and trees falling on their own, or so it seems.

All of the sudden, we heard the neighbor dogs barking, and dogs far away down the hill. Ssh, be still, what is that noise? Something is happening in the clearing of the newly cut woods. But I don't hear any machinery. Hard to hear over the roar of the little plane flying towards the sun.

Hard to hear with a scarf tied close around your head and neck to keep the cold out. Hard to hear when the wind is rustling about, and the crunch of your own walking on the winter pavement makes its own loud crunching sound.

There is frost that didn't get enough sun all day, we are not going to walk that way. We are glad the hill is so high that is being cleared out, but is that manly sounds or what?

We can't see, my dog and me, we both stop and turn around, with the sun not so bright in our face, maybe we can make sense out of the direction of the noise, what is making the limbs shake like that? Could be a bear, or a deer, or a raccoon family.

We doubt it. Well, then, what can it be? All we really know for sure is our vivid imagination is caught in curiosity. Especially as we stand as high as we can on limbs, as high as we dare go, on our own property. What is it? We want to scream. We just want to see. The sun is hiding behind a puffy cloud, yet the sky is as blue as can be. Why are we still standing out here in the cold, barely 38 degree afternoon?

The sound, the sound, will not let us be, especially now that we saw a tree being shook, not a limb, not a trunk, didn't hear any cutting sounds, no voices, no saws, no axes, no nothing, but crunching, and limbs snapping, and birds flapping, a couple here and there. We even tried climbing up on a trunk that had been cut not too long ago. Still not high enough to see what is shaking that tree.

Plant A Favorite Tree for the Future to See

Which Trees and Shrubs Do You Plant?

See results

Which Trees To Save Or Cut?

Then, not silently, but all of the sudden, not as loud, as you might think, the tree that was being shook, just fell over, like it was landing on a soft bed of clover. Just all of the sudden toppled over. Not a loud crash like when the men have the chain saws chopping them down, or the rumble of the trunks as the trucks drag them around. Just a swish, and a swoosh, then a silent rush of soft air, put a new chill up in the air.

No, seriously, we do not honestly know, what made it do that? No, no, a "Big Foot" creature wouldn't be as close as that, but it was big, maybe a bear that was scratching his back, no they are still in hibernation this time of year. Are you sure? Could a cougar or an eagle do that? No, it was a pretty big tree at that.

Or so it seemed from our lofty spot across the field nestled in the limbs of the mighty cedar tree. Oh to be able to go up a little higher, or see in between the brush a little brighter. But we cannot. How about a pair of binoculars? Will that help us see in between the thick forest limbs and high hilliness ferns and limbs of the forest vegetation? Probably not, but we need an excuse to go warm up our freezing arms and legs.

We Can Plant Trees for the Birds Along the New Driveway

Tearing Up the Old, Making Way for the New
Tearing Up the Old, Making Way for the New | Source
How About Some Cottonwood Trees?  New Azaleas  in a variety of colors would be nice.
How About Some Cottonwood Trees? New Azaleas in a variety of colors would be nice. | Source
Sunlight comes in for Honeysuckle vines we'd like to see in this garden of nature, for butterflies and bees.
Sunlight comes in for Honeysuckle vines we'd like to see in this garden of nature, for butterflies and bees. | Source

Thank you ancient smells for encouraging individuality, centeredness and giving us stability as you heal our mind, body and spirit.

— RHRose

© 2013 Maree Michael Martin

Planting Memories

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    • Dee Glass profile image

      Dee Glass 

      3 years ago from Virginia

      We've planted trees and shrubs everywhere we've lived. It was only in one rural location I learned the value of leaving the snags, or dead trees in place. It alternately provided a home for an Easter Screech Owl and Red-headed Woodpeckers. I love trees!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Great story and I am all for planting trees and have been doing that most of my adult life. Just feels right!

    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      Very useful. I don't know much about trees.

    • Ruby H Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Maree Michael Martin 

      4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Magnolias I love so much. Wish I had room in my yard for them. So many evergreens and cedars are so old and loving.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 

      4 years ago from southern USA

      I loved your mysterious story about the forest. I was just thinking about planting some trees and shrubs. We just put up a privacy fence and now with all that wood around our back yard, it just needs greenery or something beautiful. I love Japanese Magnolias, but their blooms do not last very long. I live in the deep south, so I really love the Southern Magnolia and all of its glory. Well, I love all trees really. I like the evergreen ones as they provide homes for the birds in the winter.

      Great photos.

      Up and more and sharing.

      God bless,

      Faith Reaper

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 

      5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      The beautiful photos of trees and herbs, and yes very helpful tips for gardening, voted useful, God bless.

    • Ruby H Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Maree Michael Martin 

      5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thanks Nell and Denise, us tree huggers need to stick together!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      5 years ago from North Carolina

      Beautiful hub, Ruby, with wonderful photos of trees and the forest. I liked your poll, but I could have hit all of them! UP/U/I/A and shared. Thanks. I'll connect my tree hub with yours.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      5 years ago from England

      Hi Ruby, loved this, and the photos are beautiful too. I think we should all go out and plant a tree, there are many schemes over here that do just that, and maybe I will get involved this year, thanks for the link, and I will put this on mine too, thank you!

    • Ruby H Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Maree Michael Martin 

      5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thanks Blossom and girishpuri, for your uplifting comments. I will add other Blossom, what does grow there in Australia? I so want to learn more about that place!

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 

      5 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      wonderful pictures,very helpful gardening tips, voted useful.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Great photos. I couldn't do your quiz as there were none of the trees that I would plant here in Australia, the driest country on earth. Perhaps you could add "Other" and we could choose that. Loved the story.

    • Ruby H Rose profile imageAUTHOR

      Maree Michael Martin 

      5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Thanks for the beautiful vote and commenting on my photos and hub. We are getting our winter sunshine, which really puts me in a planting mood too.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      These photos are wonderful, Ruby. I love the mystery of the falling tree and the helpful gardening tips. Can't wait for spring to plant mine.


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