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Whirl-A-Way Pressure Washer System

Updated on March 16, 2011

Whirl-A-Way Pressure Washer Cleaning System

Do you have a large area to clean with pressure washer?

It is taking too long and you get tired of holding on to the gun with all that pressure in your hand?

You have a easier way to clean. Instead of using a gun, try with a whirl-A-Way surface cleaner. It is easy to use and fast. You can cover large area much faster than cleaning with a gun. It will not leave gun marks and it will clean the surface evenly.

Simply attach Whirl-A-Way on to your pressure washer instead of a pressure washer gun and you are ready to go forward and backwards to clean.

But, don't put a way the gun yet, you need it for edges and corners.

Whirl-A-Way comes in many different sizes. Most popular size is 20" wide to 28" Big Guy.

Make sure to use it only on flat surface only. Do not go over any heavy objects or bumps. It could damage the spinning bar.

* Caution: Do not leave a pressure washer alone without using it more than few minutes. It could damage the motor due to pressure building up too much in the machine. So, if you have to answer phones or must do something more than few minutes, turn the pressure washer off completely.

* Caution: Do not refill gasoline when the motor is hot. Wait until the engine is cooled off, before refilling the gas tank. You could blow up the pressure washer with a fire and yourself.


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