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Whirlpool DU1030XTX Stainless Steel 24" Tall Tub Undercounter Dishwasher Review

Updated on July 22, 2010

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"I love this dishwasher. It really get the most dirtiest pots and pans clean. Well worth your money."

"I did alot of research on many dishwashers out there and this one seems to be the top one. There were alot of good reviews on it."

"I've used this dishwasher for awhile now and so far I've never had any problems. It gets my dishes clean so I like it."

"This dishwasher is a quality dishwasher at the right price. You just can't better than this."

"This dishwasher is outstanding. I've been using it for over half a year and it's still going strong with no problems. It really cleans the dishes."

"Would not buy any other dishwasher. This one is the way to go if you are looking for a reliable, sturdy, and powerful dishwasher."

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Are you tired of washing dishes with a sponge and dish washing detergent? Most people eventually get tired of hand washing dishes and opt for a dishwasher instead. A dishwasher can really save you a lot of time. Plus, they usually clean much better than a manual wash. The way the dishwasher works is it sprays very hot water, over 130 degrees Fahrenheit, on the dishes. You would typically add detergent to the dishwasher so that it will mix in with the hot water. After your dishes are sprayed with the water mixed with the detergent, it will spray clear water on the dishes again to get rid of the detergent. After having a big party, it’s very easy to load up the dishwasher and let it run while you go off to bed. In the morning, your dishes will be clean and ready to use.

One of my favorite dishwashers is the Whirlpool DU1030XTX Stainless Steel 24" Tall Tub Undercounter Dishwasher - DU1030SS. This particular dishwasher has 5 automatic cycles and an adjustable and removable upper rack. It is also energy star qualified, has quiet partner I sound package, and has NSF certified Sani rinse option. The super tall capacity allows you to load up with a lot of dishes so that you don’t have to use several cycles. It also has a 4-Level SheerClean direct feed wash system. And finally, it has a very eye appealing stainless steel finish.

After searching around in stores and online, I found that this Whirlpool dishwasher was the best of its kinds. People who have bought the DU1030XTX have said that they are very happy with the design and quality of the machine. You can check out reviews on this dishwasher at Amazon. They will also provide you with the technical specs. Whirlpool is a well known and trusted maker of kitchen appliances so I have no doubt that their dishwasher is of excellent quality.


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