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Why Choose a White Office Chair for Your Home Office?

Updated on September 3, 2010

Planning your home office is vitally important to your comfort and productivity and buying a new white office chair could be just what you need to knock it up a notch. The furniture you choose to your office will really make a difference to how you work and your office chair is probably the most vital part of that furniture.

Everybody knows that if you’re sitting at a desk for long periods of time, it makes sense to choose a good quality comfortable desk chair. Using an unsuitable chair can result in back ache, neck strain and carpal tunnel syndrome among other things. It is vital that the office chair you choose is ergonomically designed to support your body in the most optimal way possible to prevent muscle strain and injury. It is less common however, for people to pay much attention to the color chair they choose. Black chairs are probably the most common, but why stick to boring black which can feel oppressive? White office chairs are a great alternative that go with any color scheme and really help to brighten up your office.

You’ll probably be aware that white or light colored walls can help make a room seem bigger and brighter. So why stop at just the wall surfaces? Design agencies have been aware of the way in which color plays a part in creating a good environment to work in and a good impression to clients for many years and you will often find white furniture in creative offices. Open up your home office by using a pale bright color scheme, light furniture and of course a white office desk chair and you may be surprised to find that you mind feels clearer and you are able to work more effectively than you did in an office with a darker color scheme and furniture.

There are many kinds of office chairs in white and other colors to choose from depending on your budget and personal preferences. For extra comfort and luxury you might want to choose a white leather office chair which feels great to sit on, looks impressive and is easy to clean (obviously an important consideration when you’re buying furniture in white!).

For a contemporary designed office, you’ll probably want to choose a modern style chair such as a white mesh office chair. Mesh chairs are not only comfortable but they also work great in hot offices, allowing the air to circulate around your body. A white swivel office chair is the only choice for most people as a static chair does not allow you to turn to different areas of your desk easily and can be annoying, particularly if you switch from using the computer to writing or other activities frequently.

For a more different look, you might want to consider picking up an antique white office chair. Vintage and retro designs look great in a funky office and white chairs were particularly popular in the 1960s. If your budget won’t stretch to an original model, there are plenty of modern chairs made to an original vintage design.

You can buy white office chairs online from several specialist office supply stores and online stores such as Amazon. Buying online is a great idea for such a bulky item as it will be delivered directly to your door and you can often find chairs at much discounted prices compared to what you’d find in a brick and mortar store. A lot of online stores will also suggest matching furniture items to go with your white office chair so it’s easy to kit out your whole office in one go with a few clicks.


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      saif113sb 6 years ago

      Great information; thanks