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White Plastic Chain

Updated on January 10, 2011

Hello again and welcome to another hub. Today, I shall discuss a rather simple but very specific product niche—plastic chains. To be more exact, let me start with what research tells me is the most popular color people purchase these in—white. As always, after reading a short article—which I always try to include pertinent information for the buyer—comes some product deals. So sit back and relax, and I hope you find the products I have compiled below useful. As always, good luck with your quest.

Uses of plastic chains

Other than what you have already planned for, the following are some more obvious and not-so-obvious uses for plastic chains.

When used to secure or mark a location—a vacant lot for example, or to mark boundaries in outside events—plastic chains are easier to use when security is not much of an issue. Plastic, because of its lightness, makes mobility easier so it is recommended for temporary and always-on-the go location fencing uses. Being that this hub focuses on the white-specific a white plastic chain becomes even more useful because it is easy to spot.

Of course plastic does not make that annoying and loud metal sound so if you are need to hang or support something that is relatively light, using a plastic chain would make for a less expensive and more “sound” solution. Examples of hanged objects where plastic chains are more than enough include ornaments, decorations, light signs (signage), pet cages, and hanging lights.

A not-so-obvious (for some) use of plastic chains is for pet birds. It is known in the pet world that birds such as parrots are amazed with chain links. It seems to simulate their “grab” (with their beaks and claws), and gives them something to keep busy while learning. Doing with a metal chain is impossible and can be harmful.

Finally, plastic chains are also commonly used in fashion ornaments and accessory-making, which is self-explanatory enough.

What are my options?

Plastic chains are available in a number of sizes, lengths and configurations. Lengths range from consumer cuts to wholesale bulk lengths. A good place to start looking for these is from gardening supplies. Plastic chains are normally associated with gardening, as explained in the uses above. They are normally sold in reels, and numbers are typically used to specify gauge (thickness).

If you’re looking for a more industrial solution, you can start by contacting known suppliers to avail of bulk discounts. For starters, you could start by searching for distributors of the following brands: Campbell, EquiCross, and Easy Gardener.

Anyway, below are some popular white plastic chains available for consumer purchase. Click on each to read more about the product—includes reviews and used product deals.


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