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White Wash Furniture

Updated on March 10, 2011

Are you looking to obtain a French provincial or French country look in your home? If you are, then white wash furniture is the perfect way to add a touch of this classic French style to your home's appearance.

Whitewashing which is sometimes called liming or pickling, is applied to furniture that gives it a waxy look and also brings out the wood grain. It does not often appear bright white, as too many people assume whitewashing does. It rather gives an pristine natural glow to the wood. Dyes can also be applied to the wood during the process to obtain different looks.

White Wash Dining Room Furniture

White wash dining room furniture can be found in stores with a white wash look pre-done or it can be done yourself. White wash stain can be found in most home improvement stores if you decide to do the white washing yourself.

There is nothing more elegant than the look of French aristocratic white wash dining room furniture for your home. If you're not into the exquisitely carved looks of classic French provincial furniture, then there are always white wash dining room furniture in white wash wicker furniture and white wash casual dining room furniture that would be perfect for the kitchen.

Finding White Wash Furniture

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the white wash dining room, or whitewash bedroom, furniture you want. If you do find what you're looking for, these elegant pieces can often cost you in excess of $4000. For a great selection of white wash dining room, white wash side tables, white wash wick furniture, and white wash bedroom furniture, try looking online. The selection and the pricing may surprise you. Places like Amazon and eBay often have a great selection of white wash furniture for less. Visit or eBay to see what they have available right now. Make sure to be creative in your searching.

White Wash Furniture
White Wash Furniture

White Wash Furniture and French Country Decor

French country, French provincial or French cottage decor is a very popular method of decorating a home to create an airy, elegant, and inviting room. Furniture style is imperative to consider when going for the classic French look. Below, we will be discussing some the key components to creating a French country theme with furniture.

White wash furniture, including white wash dining room furniture and white wash bedroom furniture, such as a white wash dresser or white wash armoire, has the perfect look for a French-inspired room. No matter if you are decorating the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom, we recommend using white washed furniture in the rooms.

For the bedroom, a four post white washed bed frame will give a French country or cottage look. Even white wash wicker furniture can add a nice cottage feel to a room or patio. If you have the money, then I would recommend decorating with all white wash bedroom furniture in your bedroom to fully achieve the French provincial or French country look. Built-in desks or bookcases are also very popular for this type of themed home.

A rocking chair in the living room with a white wash stain can give a vintage look to the living room. Try looking for a white wash wicker rocking chair.

Choosing Paint Colors for White Wash Furniture

When choosing colors to decorate with your new white wash furniture, look in interior design magazines for inspiration. You can also view classic French castles, for many of these have that classic design you are most likely seeking. Almost any color can go with white wash furniture. This means that you don't have to stick to soft yellows and royal blues most often associated with French country color. Instead, you could opt for rich, warm tones in the room, or soft neutrals in various colors. It's really entirely up to you to decide what colors you want to use with your white wash furniture. For bedrooms, just be sure to use a relaxing color like a deep, rich gold or ocean blue.

White wash furniture can be purchased for the home at most home stores. But if you can not find a piece of white wash furniture, you can always easily white wash it yourself to obtain your desired style. This will ensure that you are getting the exact piece of white wash furniture you've always wanted.


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