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White Wicker Furniture

Updated on May 12, 2011

White Wicker Furniture

Are you looking to buy white wicker furniture? Wicker furniture that is white in color is very elegant for outdoor décor. Sets come in a wide variety of styles; however, the most traditional and sought for purchase are the 4 piece sets that include a loveseat, two chairs and a table. Sets are ideal for outdoor use because they are often coated with UV and water resistant materials to make them have a great longevity for years to come. Cushions are also added to wicker chair and other sets for comfort and come in a wide variety of patterns to suit a buyer’s needs. Consider buying white wicker furniture for the product’s durability, weather resistance and elegant looks for your patio.

Did you know that the use of wicker weaving has been documented as far back as in Egyptian times? Baskets were woven and later found in Pompeii. The benefit to wicker is that it is very light in weight, yet is very strong for use in furniture and other products; thus, making it a popular choice for manufacturing.

White Wicker Furniture Sets & Options

Buyers will find that wicker sets for outdoor use offer many different woven designs. Some sets will feature the traditional round back; while others offer art décor or other fancy designing on the furniture.

Sets are waterproof, which means that water will not penetrate down into the fibers of the wood and rot. Sets may be made with internal steel framing for additional durability of the product. Durable resin is also used to make the wicker furniture last when exposed to UV rays over time.

Clean up is a breeze for white wicker furniture. An owner simply only has to use water and if necessary, a mild detergent or soap with a rag for cleaning.

White Wicker Furniture: Porch Swing

Did you know that you can buy a porch swing that is wicker? Consider buying a matching swing to go along with your furniture set. Swings are made of the same high quality resin wood to last a very long time. The chains are often coated to thwart rusting from occurring. Cleaning a swing is just as an owner would for traditional wicker furniture. Spray the swing down with water from a hose and gently wipe a mild soap onto the swing, then rinse.

Other Options Instead of White or Traditional Sets

If you want something different in appearance and color, than consider buying a wicker sectional or dining set. Sets come in different shades such as brown, black or tan. Sets are also very elegant, just as the white sets. Check out all of the product listings on this page to find the best deals on Amazon to save money.

Wicker Furniture Care

White wicker furniture can be used with any type of setting outdoors.
White wicker furniture can be used with any type of setting outdoors.


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