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White desk chair

Updated on September 23, 2010

It is a known fact that as adults, people spend the majority of their waking hours during the week at work. A pleasant, relaxing job environment can not only make the days go by more quickly, but can also lead to a more productive work force because they have an easier time focusing and are more keen to spend time in their offices and at their desks. And despite what some people might initially assume, there is a wide variety of office furniture available in many different styles and colors to suit the tastes of any employee and the preferences of any employer.

When searching for décor items and furniture for an office space, be sure to consider all the various style and color options available. While some traditional offices automatically opt for darker colors in classic styles, people should not feel limited by these options alone. White, in fact, has become a very popular decorating color for office furniture, specifically for the desk chair. A white desk chair can add just the perfect pop of vibrancy and color to a formerly drab work area, and unlike darker chairs, there is never any risk of the color fading.

In addition to the white color itself being exciting, there are many different materials, styles, and price ranges for the consumer to choose from. For a sleek, modern look, one might consider a white desk chair in genuine leather or faux leatherette with chrome accents at the sides and chrome legs and casters with wheels. These modern versions of the white desk chair can be purchased with either a mid-sized or high back. One may also choose whether they prefer a very padded version, or if they are more comfortable in a chair that is more minimalist, with no padding at all. A sling seat version of this type of chair is quite understated and very elegant in its own way.

Other variations on the white desk chair might feature canvas as the main upholstery material, either for the seat or for the back, and sometimes for both. This is a material that assimilates well into a fairly informal setting as it may evoke images of relaxing on the beach or a patio on a beautiful, sunny day. If a simple canvas white desk chair can do so much to encourage a pleasant feeling of relaxation in the employees, it is certainly worthwhile to consider such an investment in the overall well- being of the office staff.

Other materials that may be featured in more contemporary office chairs include molded PVC or mesh upholstery. A PVC white desk chair has several advantages, one of which is that it is very easy to keep clean. In addition, they are often quite durable and so therefore the investment of money to decorate with these types of chairs will be well worth it. This sort of chair can be purchased with either stationary legs, usually of chrome, or in a swivel model with casters and wheels. The mesh upholstery, while not quite as easy to clean, might be considered by many to be a little more comfortable than the rigid PVC. These chairs can be ordered with either thick or thin padding to suit the particular preferences of the user.

For a decidedly more traditional take on the white desk chair, a buyer would do well to consider wood as the primary material. Wooden desk chairs can be designed with either a carved wooden seat or with a padded seat attached, upholstered in a variety of different material choices. Wooden models might be purchased with traditional stationary legs, or may be available as swivel chairs with casters and wheels. A wooden desk chair might have a perfect, flawless paint job in bright white, or could feature a distressed, antique look, reminiscent of French country style.

If an office opts to search for a white desk chair, they should first establish a target budget for their piece. As with most things, prices can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and from material to material. Some might be happy with a white desk chair that is priced under $100. These can be found easily at big box retailers and department stores. For higher end, name brand pieces, a person can expect to pay a few hundred dollars all the way up to several thousand. Therefore, establishing a budget prior to shopping is absolutely crucial.

Once style, material, design, and budget have been established, the consumer can really start to shop for their white desk chair. At this point in the search, size and proportion will be the main concerns, as the other elements have already been decided upon. Assess the size of the room that will house the chair, the measurements of the desk that the chair will correspond with, and the height of the person who will make use of the chair. Things can look very different on the showroom floor than they do once they are brought to their final destination, so do not make the mistake of trying to judge size by simply looking at a piece. Write down the physical measurements of the room and desk and have a concrete idea of the size range of the chair being sought.

A white desk chair can be the perfect functional addition to any office décor. It can instantly brighten a room, and in so doing brighten a person's outlook and their mood. Instead of opting for the same dark colors that are so common in office spaces, expand your horizons and consider a more vibrant color. From leather to canvas to molded PVC, a white desk chair can be devised to mesh with a variety of design sensibilities, and should certainly be considered when it comes to purchasing furniture or accessories for a work area.

If you’re home is styled in a modern design you could use a white desk chair to accessorize your desk with. White is a popular color for the contemporary designed homes and a desk and chair in this color would fit perfectly in the style of these homes. The chairs come in many different styles. You may choose a chair made of wood or one created of molded plastic. The chair can complement the type of desk you have or it can be in contrast to it. You may also buy an unfinished wooden chair and paint it white.

A white desk chair will add some brightness to a dark room. The lighter color would work well for an office area if you have a home office. It also would be good for a business to use if the business has a lot of desks in it. The light color of the coordinating chair and desk units would make the office area a pleasant place to work in. You could choose to add a cushion to the seat of the chair to provide extra comfort while working. Whether you choose a wood, plastic or metal chair, the color will easily blend in to your room’s décor.


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    • ofismobilya profile image

      Ofis Mobilyaları 2 years ago from istanbul- Turkey

      Best chair product.

    • brendacracraft profile image

      brendacracraft 7 years ago from Washington

      I find this hub very complete but the talking of fake leather on chairs. All in all you've written a very good infohub.thx

    • profile image

      Tracy Monroy 7 years ago

      Those are some nice looking chairs. I like the chrome swivel model. I like taking old desk chairs and making them like new again with upholstery fabric.