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Who To Contact When You Move Into A New Home

Updated on November 19, 2014

When you move into a new home, there are other things you may have to do besides unpacking, furnishing and decorating. You will most likely have to contact some companies to set up services in your new place. You might also want to contact other places that you already do business with to update your new address and any other contact information. Here are a few companies and people to notify when you move into a new home.

Utility Companies

You may want to set up the utilities in your name at your new address. You would have to contact the gas, electric and water companies in your area to set up these services.

Television Service Company

If you want to have television service at your new place, then you would have to contact a television service or cable company. You may also want to add internet service as well. Some companies may offer a promotional discount for first time customers.

Phone Company

If you choose to have a land line phone in your new home, you will need to call a telephone company to set up service. If you only use cell phone services, then you may want to contact your cell phone provider to update them with your current address.

Financial Companies

You will need to contact any banks or credit card companies that you have accounts with to let them know that you have moved and provide them with your new address.


You should notify your healthcare providers of your new address and contact information. Pharmacies, medical doctors, specialists, dentists, hospitals and any mental health therapists should have all your updated information.


Any relatives or friends who either visit you or send you birthday or holiday greeting cards should know your new contact information. You could send out your new address in a card that will let your friends and family know that you have moved and give them the address of your new home.


Your boss or employer should have your updated mailing address. If you are close with any of your coworkers, you may want to update them as well.

Insurance Companies

If you have health, car, or any other type of insurance, you may want to contact these companies to tell them that you have moved to a new address. You may also want to set up homeowner's insurance if you will be owning a house.

Photo ID

You should update your new address if you have a driver's license or non driver's photo ID. Also, you may want to update your voter's registration if you are registered to vote.

Other Services

You may want to inform catalog companies, magazine or newspaper subscriptions that you have a new address. You should also contact the post office, either in person or online, to have your mail forwarded to your new address.


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