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Laminate Floor Underlay For Your Wholesale Laminate Flooring

Updated on October 9, 2010

How To Choose Laminate Floor Underlay For The Best Padding

Did you know that choosing your wholesale laminate floor underlay shouldn't be an afterthought? You need to take as much care with your underlay, as with the floor covering itself.

You don't necessarily need an expensive product, but you need one that offers good quality. Cork and rubber underlays are popular, but others such as Quiet Walk laminate flooring underlay can be even more effective.

What Are Some Of Your Options When Choosing A Laminate Floor Underlay?

1. Check Your Warranty Conditions

Usually, when purchasing your new resilient floor planks, you will need to opt for the underlayment suggested by the manufacturer. To get the warranty, a specific underlay may be required. Some brands do allow you to choose an underlay of your choice.

2. Foam Has Its Drawbacks

If you choose foam, you won't get good sound dampening or insulation. Foam underlay also doesn't function as a moisture barrier. You can of course use a separate barrier underneath the foam. Alternatively you may want to look at one of the products that offers a combination of the two.

3. You Can Get Three-In-One

A product like Shaw Silent-Step laminate flooring underlayment is a three-in-one product. In the end this may be the less expensive option. It covers everything from sound absorption to comfort, stability and protection from moisture. It is also non-allergenic and anti-microbial, which may bring health benefits over time.

4. Attached Laminate Floor Underlay

Another option you may want to keep in mind, is floor planks with a laminate flooring underlayment attached to the plank. This can save time during installation, but may not give the same level of sound dampening.

5. Eco-Friendly Laminate Floor Underlay

If you care about the environment, you can also look for an underlayment that offers an environmentally friendly flooring choice. Many of the underlayments are now made with recycled material.

With glueless laminate flooring installations becoming so popular as DIY projects, it may be worth your while to do a bit of homework and brush up on your knowledge of laminate floor underlay while getting to know the different brands of flooring.


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