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Why All Homes Should have a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

Updated on August 13, 2013

Pool Fence Laws

In 2001 Florida made changes to the laws regarding swimming pool safety fences. Many child drownings occur every year across the US, and prior to 2001, more occurred in Florida than any other state. The new laws demanded that all new swimming pool constructions had to have a safety fence installed around the perimeter of the pool at the same time the pool was built.

As more than a decade has now passed, studies have been undertaken to see if the changes in law were successful. It is estimated that at least 20% fewer child drownings are taking place in Florida, which is directly attributed to the installation of safety fences.

Because many drownings occur in homes that do not have young children of their own, and therefore have not considered a safety fence, it is safe to assume that the number of children who have drowned could have been further decreased if more homeowners were to install a pool safety fence.

Fully Fenced-in Pool

Think of Others

Like many homeowners, you might think that not having young children of your own means that you do not need to put up a safety fence, but there are a number of things that should be considered.

Even if you do not have friends that have young children, you never know when somebody could call on you with a young child in tow. It could be a new neighbour introducing herself, or perhaps one of your friends decides to bring a friend of his along, who has a child.

You might now be thinking that even if this did happen, you are hardly likely to invite them to use your pool, but researchers found that a large percentage of swimming pool drownings took place when the pool was not even in use; during off-season months, and the children wandered off while their parents were otherwise distracted. It only takes a minute or two for a curious child to reach a swimming pool, and when you go to look for him it could already be too late.

There is also the consideration that children from your neighborhood could enter your backyard without your permission. It could be that you are away on holiday, or simply out shopping for the afternoon: If one of them were to meet with an accident, you may still legally be held responsible. This may seem very unfair but when a child's life is at risk, the law must do its utmost to prevent tragedy occurring,

Swimming Pool Safety Fence

A swimming pool safety fence might only need to be placed around a section of the pool
A swimming pool safety fence might only need to be placed around a section of the pool

Options for Pool Fences

Depending on where your swimming pool lies in your backyard, it may not be necessary to install a fence around the entire pool. Swimming pools that are located in a corner of the yard will probably only need for that section to be fenced off.

Installing a simple pool safety fence is not something that you should put off, and you might be pleased to find that fences are not as expensive as you previously thought. An economical and practical choice is a fence made of clear mesh, which is easy to construct, and allows you to see the swimming pool from all angles. When in the pool, you are also able to see what is happening in the rest of the yard.


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