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Why Are Family Times Important?

Updated on December 27, 2015

My husband Steve and I were married in 1970. We decided after about six months that we wanted to start our family. However, we ended up waiting for many years before we were able to get pregnant. Then about 8 years later we became pregnant but our first pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage. This was heart breaking for us but, it did give us some hope that we could possibly get pregnant again and have a baby. With the help of a fertility doctor we were finally able to conceive and our first daughter was born in January of 1980. Two years later we were able to get pregnant again and in April of 1982 were blessed with a son. We were so thankful to have our two children and thought this would be all that we had and then I got pregnant again. Our third child, another son was born 19 months later in October 1983. We were so blessed to now have three children when we for many years we had thought we would not have any children. After our third child was born my doctor encouraged me to have my tubes tied as I had had high blood pressure for many years. So I reluctantly agreed to do so even though I didn’t know if that was the right thing to do. However, God had other plans in mind for our family and two years later, our fourth child, another daughter was born. We were truly blessed. When we didn’t think we would ever be parents, we were now the parents of 4 children all six and under. Might I add that before the first pregnancy we had put our name in for adoption. Just after our first child was born, we received a letter from the adoption agency saying that it would probably be another two years before we would receive a child.

My children have truly been a blessing to me and their dad. He loved being a father. Our lives revolved around our children and around sports activities, school activities and doing things as a family. We enjoyed going to concerts and heard artists like Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, and others.

These times as a family have been really important to me and to my children as their dad died suddenly 12 years. Since his death, my children have become very close and enjoy being together whether it is for a few hours, or for the weekend. We have a lot of memories of their dad and cherish everyone of them.

Steve did not get to meet and know the wonderful mates that each of our four children chose and he did not get to meet any of his precious grandchildren.

Getting together now as a family are very precious times for us. Now that there are 8 little cousins, family times are even more fun. The cousins all look forward to seeing each other and playing together.

This past year we all got together at a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). It was so much fun to all be together under one roof for a couple of days. We enjoyed sharing cooking skills and just hanging out with each other.

I even took along my children’s folding picnic table which came in handy for the children to eat off of. And we didn’t have to mess with high chairs or booster seats. The children brought along their bikes, we had bubbles and they roasted marshmallows by the fire pit and had their first s’mores. Their was a playground near by and we spent a few hours at the swimming pool that was just a few miles away


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