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Lenten Roses Beautiful Early Bloomers and Deer Resistant!

Updated on April 3, 2015

My First Lenten Rose

Have you ever seen a Lenten Rose., Before I moved into a lake house with my husband and met our neighbor I had no idea what they were. It was love at first sight. I can grow very little in my yard due to rabbits and deer but my neighbor managed to have row after row of these beautiful evergreens that bloomed in winter and kept their blossoms on into spring. I was amazed at their beauty. They have varying shades of color from white to pink and lavender. He taught me how to harvest the tiny seedlings that grew from his blooming plants. They were about 1 in or less in size. Within one summer they had doubled and grown more limbs. I now have some I transplanted last year at one inch that are blooming!!!!! The rabbits are not at all attracted to them.

Lenten Rose

Helebore orientalis is similar to the christmas rose but technically is not a rose but a member of the butter cup family. It's Simple beauty is what makes it so popular. Scientis have found a way to grow lenten roses from a lavender that is almost black to a deep pink. .They are prone to very few disease or bugs,if any,

Lenten roses propagate by dropping seed and hundreds of tiny seedlings will grow up beneath them.. At times you may find your those are not putting out seedlings.

Uses for Lenten Rose in Ancient times

As beautiful as the lenten rose is it has a downs side. The flower is toxic when eaten. It has been used in ancient time fro medical reasons

In medieval times it was used to treat insanity and in war it was applied to the tip of the to the arrow when it struck the assailant it was used to immobilize the victim it was aimed at. Finally one writer suggested using it mixed with cinnamon and ground root to treat gangrene .

Lenten Roses at the Lake

You can see baby Plants under mother plant
You can see baby Plants under mother plant | Source

Growing from Seedlings

Lenten Roses need light shade and good fertile soil to do well. If you have blooming roses that are not putting out seedlings. Gather the seeds and plant in a 4 in pot . Keep evenly moist until it doubles in size.. Once ready to transplant plant in the ground 10 inches from other plants. When it blooms and new seedlings come hopefully you can use these for propagation. Enjoy growing these beautiful plants today.

If you look up at the image with seedlings you can see how small they start. Within one year, in the right conditions, they will grow an inch or more. At that time you can transplant them. Any earlier they probably will not survive.

All about Lenten Rose

Are you interested in Lenten Roses?

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Lenten roses do wonderful with very little care. Once established they can go for long periods without water as long as they have plenty of shade. Deer and rabbits almost always pass them by. Propagation is so easy and every new flower grown from it's mother will not be exactly the same as any other.


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  • nancynurse profile image

    Nancy McClintock 3 years ago from Southeast USA

    Thanks for commenting. My neighbor on Lake Keowee has so many of these beautiful plants. He lets me take the off shoots. It is amazing.

  • The Dirt Farmer profile image

    Jill Spencer 3 years ago from United States

    So lovely! Thanks for sharing.


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