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Why Brass is the Plumber’s Best Friend

Updated on July 15, 2016

When you discuss your plumbing needs with craftsmen, you’ll soon discover that plumbers really like working with brass. They will be keen to point out its many advantages, and to persuade you to go for it as a base metal whatever finish you want for your taps, wastes and other kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Brass is so Easy to Install

One of the reasons brass is so popular with plumbers is that it poses no installation difficulties. It is so malleable that it can be shaped to fit in the most problematic areas easily. As an alloy of copper and zinc it is completely compatible with copper and can easily be soldered to older pipes made of the metal.

If you choose to use brass fittings, your plumbers are likely to love you and fall over themselves to do what you want when you want. There are less likely to be any unforeseen charges, and you could end up with a smaller bill because the work goes so smoothly.

One of the reasons brass is so popular with plumbers is that it poses no installation difficulties.
One of the reasons brass is so popular with plumbers is that it poses no installation difficulties.

Brass will Last and Last

Another benefit that comes from brass, perhaps more for you than for your plumber, is its durability. Brass fittings will outlive those made in any other metal. Once properly fitted, it will need no attention for years and years. You can forget all about it except for keeping the bits on show clean and shining.

Brass is Corrosion Resistant

Brass is also resistant to corrosion, more so than other metals, even where the water supply is highly corrosive. Corrosion is a health hazard because it can result in high levels of toxic metals in drinking water. It can also make your water heating system less effective and more expensive to run. You don’t want to be living in a house with corrosion in the pipes and plumbing fittings.

Brass is corrosion resistant
Brass is corrosion resistant

Brass Helps Keep Bacteria at Bay

Another way that brass taps keep your household healthy is its proven ability to kill bacteria. Scientists have recommended brass fittings to help fight off superbugs in hospitals. In the home they can help stop the spread of cold viruses and other infectious illnesses throughout the family.

Brass is Best at High Temperatures

Your brass fittings will be fire resistant and can take the hottest of water flowing through them. Who doesn’t like hot baths and showers, and instant hot water in the kitchen? For an efficient hot water system to deliver your desired temperature to your taps and then out to your drains, you won’t do better than to use brass taps and waste fittings. They will help to keep the system reliable through the years to come.

Brass Comes in a Variety of Finishes

You and your plumber will never have a problem sourcing the brass fittings you want. Brass fitting are easy to find as they are so popular. No supplier wants to be short of the most popular items its customers are looking for.

They can also be found in a variety of finishes in addition to antique or polished brass. If you like the opulence of gold, you can buy gold plated brass taps and waste fittings to make your baths and basins look as if they belong in a palace. These items with a brass metal base are also available with chromium plating if you like your fittings to be more understated.

If you want to keep your plumbers happy, choose brass fittings for all your plumbing needs. The finishes can be matched to your other bathroom fittings and kitchen paraphernalia, or you can always ring the changes with different finishes for a totally up to the minute look.


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