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Why Buy Heriz Rugs?

Updated on September 25, 2013

Heriz ruigs

Heriz rugs are highly renowned rug types belonging to the rich family of Persian carpets. Highly distinct motifs and perfect use of rich color palette have made these pieces among the most popular ones. The ancient fine heriz carpets are sold at very high prices due to their extensive demand. The rug connoisseurs have to work really hard to find these rugs.

The rug connoisseurs love to buy heriz rugs due to the following reasons:

Rich History:

Heriz rugs are named after a large town in the North West of Iran, about 50 miles in the east of Tabriz. The classic medallion Heriz (diamond on a square) was first born in the 3rd quarter of nineteenth century.

It is most often believed that merchants of Tabriz wanted large sized carpets for export purposes and asked the local artisans to weave carpets comparatively in large sizes. The artisans were skilled in the tribal weaving with extensive experience of making angular spontaneous designs. Consequently a new type of rug called as Heriz rug was born.

Captivating designs:

Heriz carpets are highly effective hybrids, containing marvelous village carpet feeling and a grandeur similar to the Persian palaces rugs. The merits of these rugs are found in variety of styles and colors. A large medallion having big scale counter pieces with captivating oak leaves and foliage is the signature of Heriz rug. The old heriz rugs have more spacious designs while the recently woven pieces are dense in terms of design. All over tree, flower and leaf designs are also quite famous.

Perfect color dyes:

Heriz rug makers have extensive knowledge of vegetable dyeing. Old Heriz rugs were made from genuine vegetable dyes but for the last few years the use of mix dyes (natural +chemical) has increased. You can judge the wonderful use of intentional variation in color tones and abrash in fine heriz carpets. The rug weavers master in the art of colors and use them with the best techniques to make the rugs highly appealing. The double and triple outlines are the remarkable strength reflecting the design depth of heriz carpets.

High durability:

The ancient weavers used glossy wool belonging to the Shahsavan tribe. This nomadic tribe lived in the Elbrus Mountains. Afterwards, they imported wool from the city of Tabriz which was high in quality as well as lanolin. These are knotted in a loose way but the thick foundations are made with cotton having tight knots. This makes these carpets highly durable leading to long life.


Heriz carpets are loved for their versatility and design perfection. Their geometrical designs complement contemporary furniture and their bold warm colors enhance appeal of antique furniture. The beautiful artistic patterns and design strength of these rugs make them a perfect choice for corporate usage as well. The enduring appeal and uniqueness of the rugs make them an excellent investment. These rugs make a very powerful impression in all kinds of settings.

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Heriz rugs- a piece of art


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