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Why Buy Sterilizer Philips AVENT Express Electric Steam Steriliser

Updated on July 2, 2011

Steam Sterilisers

This is one of the best steam sterilizers available today and "Based on the hospital principle, the Philips AVENT Express Electric Steam Steriliser uses the intensive heat of steam to eliminate harmful bacteria". The Steam Steriliser is fast and easy to use providing maximum cleanliness for your bottles and other equipments. The science behind the Steam Steriliser is that it uses intense heat to kill harmful bacteria and unwanted germs and with the ability to keep contents sterilise for up to 6 hours making your safe for use within these hours.

The Philips AVENT Steam Steriliser comes in different sizes and the biggest size can hold up to 6 baby bottles, teats and caps, so for maximum use the large capacity may be useful for many kids. When bought the steam steriliser set includes two bottles, teats, tongs, brush and dummies. The beauty of the steam sterilisers is that the internal rack can be turned into a dishwasher basket for small items, so just buying one the Philips AVENT Steam Sterilisers you are also buying yourself a dishwasher baskets at no extra cost.

Philips AVENT Express Steam Steriliser

The statistics at Amazon shows that about 76% of customers buy this product online and this is available at Amazon and may help you decide whether to buy the Philips AVENT steam steriliers or not. Here is one customer's comment on this steam steriliers "Fantastic and easy to use As a first time Mum, I have found this product to be quick and really easy to use, as I am expressing milk my Avent breast pump can be easily accommodated with a bottle, and several Published 3 days ago by Laila's Mummy  " for customer reviews about this product check Amazon online store, there are so many written reviews about this product that you will find useful when making decision whether to buy, Amazon provide one of the most safe and secure shopping online with variety of payment methods that you can use, so don't worry on the payment method to use at Amazon and whether it is secure or not, know that shopping security is guaranteed. The other feature of this steriliser is that it's got a concealed element which makes it easy to use. Below are some newborn baby products that you will find useful for your kids


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