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Why Choose Terrazzo

Updated on December 17, 2011

Why would anyone in the building business choose terrazzo? The reason is simple. It has stood the test of time. Terrazzo also is beautiful, looks like luxury marble as a fraction of the cost, looks classic, offers a wide range of colors, designs and applications, can be impervious to damage, does not chip and experts are available to install it.

That’s why architects, interior designers and building owners choose terrazzo.

The Test of Time

Terrazzo has just about been around forever. The floors of some Neolithic buildings from 9,000 BC were covered with a form of terrazzo. The floors were of burnt lime and clay with crushed lime embedded.

Modern terrazzo is from Venice in the Renaissance period. Artisans used it to create terraces at homes.

The way they did it was by smoothing surfaces of rough stones by rubbing it so that it was walkable. Eventually better was to smooth the surfaces were developed and used. It was then discovered that goat’s milk applied to the surface brought out true marble colors. It was used as sealer. Over time, the technology of installation, preparation and maintenance improved.

Eventually terrazzo was brought to America.

Over the last 40 years, the technology has gotten better and better. There are better epoxies, polyesters, latex and acrylics used in the installation and creation of the product. Rustic terrazzo is used for exterior applications like plazas, terraces, pools, stairways and sidewalk.

If you are seeking a beautiful product with flexible applications that is cost-effective, easy to maintain and durable, you should look at the fine selections of terrazzo available today.


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